My SECRET Manifestation Technique | Use The ‘Seeing’ Method To Manifest Anything You Can Imagine

Let’s face it. As humanity is consciously waking up, more and more people start to believe in the pure power of their thought and energy. Videos and posts about the Law of Attraction are taking over the world haha. And while there are countless manifestation methods out there, I always find myself coming back to one secret manifestation technique that has proved itself to be exceptionally powerful. I will walk you through the crucial parts of this method and of course, will share my own personal stories.

Today I share with you my secret manifestation technique that has changed the way I attract abundance into my life. 


Before I dive into examples and explaining how exactly you can use this secret manifestation technique to attract specific events, I want to give you a brief overview of how this method works and what it consists of. 

I call this technique the ‘seeing’ method. 

I call it that way because it is highly visual. The whole purpose of this method is to make your manifestations not only feel but also APPEAR real and tangible. Through seeing your dreams coming true, you start feeling as if they have already come true. 

Another very powerful attribute that this secret manifestation technique carries is the fact that it facilitates your belief. This method holds the power to make your beliefs grow stronger. 

Through seeing your dreams coming true, you start feeling as if they have already come true. 

The ‘seeing’ method consists of:


This is where you create tangible evidence representing the desired outcome. Although belief and nonattachment are just as important, this first step is the core of my secret manifestation technique. 


As with any other Law of Attraction technique, belief is a must. The good news is that the ‘seeing’ method actually helps you grow that belief.


 You have to understand that force and obsession are not your allies. Do not attach yourself and your happiness to your manifestations. The happiness and fulfilment are already within you.


I would say this step is non-essential, however, highly recommended. This is where you support the physical evidence (Step 1) with various other techniques like scripting, meditation, affirmations, vision boards, etc. 


This is the juicy part of this method because creating physical evidence is what makes this secret manifestation technique so special. So what are you actually supposed to do here?

Well, that depends on what outcome or event you are trying to manifest. The key here is to make it appear as if it already happened. For example, if you are trying to manifest a specific amount of money, go into your bank account, take a screenshot of your balance, and photoshop the desired amount. Print it out and leave it somewhere visible so you would be able to visually see that amount within your bank account. What makes it so powerful is that it LOOKS real, it has your bank logo and the usual interface you would see when logged in. When you look at it, you can’t help but feel excited. This is a very simple example. 

how i manifested a job with emirates

Let me tell you how I used this technique when I was trying to get a job as a flight attendant with Emirates. For those of you who have no clue what Emirates is or what is their hiring process, let me tell you this. Emirates is one of the leading airlines in the world and they are very selective when it comes to hiring new cabin crew. Their criteria is still a mystery to some. The appeal for many is the opportunity to travel the world, earn a pretty penny and move to Dubai. Of course, there is much more to the job than this, but you get my drift. However, only a very small percentage of applicants actually get accepted to join the airline. 

So how did I manifest my job with the Emirates Airline?

First, I logged into their system and changed my application status. After my open day, the group activities, and being selected for the one-on-one interview, my application status showed ‘Interview Complete’. In the world of Emirates, any aspiring cabin crew wishes to ultimately see ‘Joining Formalities in Progress’. If you know what I’m talking about, welcome haha. 

So I wrote down ‘Joining Formalities in Progress’ on a small piece of paper, cut it out, and then gently pressed it onto my laptop screen covering ‘Interview Complete’. What did I do then? I stared at it for like 5 minutes, I let the feeling of getting the job sink in and feel absolutely real. Visual stimulation is no joke and if you have ever tried anything like that before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. After that little session with myself, I carried on with my day believing 100% that I would get the job. 

The second thing that I did is sending myself an email pretending to be the company. I asked myself to fill out the needed forms to complete the process and send further details. Again, I used visual stimulation and created physical evidence for myself to make it feel and appear real. 

Again, I used visual stimulation and created physical evidence for myself to make it feel and appear real. 

cheat code

If I would be doing something like that now, I would actually go and photoshop the actual application status. I will give you a little cheat code that you can use with any page that you wish to modify, screenshot, and then print it out for your vision board. 

Use COMMAND + OPTION + C (Chrome on Mac) or CONTROL + SHIFT + C (Chrome on any Windows computer) to ‘Inspect Page’. Then press COMMAND + F (Mac) and find the numbers or the sentence that you are trying to change. So if I would be looking to change my application status, I would search for ‘interview complete’ within the ‘inspect page’ section and delete that sentence. Instead, I would put ‘Joining Formalities in Progress’, screenshot the page, save it, print it out, and stick it to the vision board. 

ATTENTION: Do not misuse this method to send any fake information to other parties as this would be considered highly illegal and frankly, unethical.

how i use this secret manifestation method for my investments

I won’t pretend like I am a pro-investor, however, I do invest in cryptocurrencies. I was able to grow my portfolio over the desired amount each time when I used the ‘seeing’ method. What I do is I take a screenshot of my statement and photoshop a different amount into it. I print it out and stick it to my vision board. Of course, be realistic here. If you have invested 50 EUR into a stock or cryptocurrency and expect to have 500,000 EUR next week, I think you will be missing one key ingredient here which is belief


I know that you are probably sick of hearing it but it’s true. Your belief is an essential part of manifesting your dreams. Without you believing that whatever it is you wish to manifest can actually be part of your reality, no technique will ever work. Get inspired by success stories to motivate your belief system and understand that you have unlimited potential. We have yet to understand how the Universe works, so why wouldn’t it be possible? Perhaps even 50 EUR to 500,000 EUR in a week (example from Step 1)?

Coming back to my Emirates example, I immersed myself in this deep belief that getting this job was as easy as farting on a coach lol. I believed that I deserved this opportunity and was suitable for this job. I just knew. 

As I mentioned previously, one of the biggest advantages of the ‘seeing’ method is that it can actually help you grow your belief. By using visual stimulation, you are tricking your brain into seeing your new reality before it actually happens. Therefore, I do believe that this one of the best techniques to use if you are one of those people who struggle with their belief system. 


Nonattachment is completely different from detachment. Not being attached to your manifestations is completely different from being detached. For this very reason, I encourage you to drop the belief that if you don’t attach yourself to your dreams, you don’t want it badly enough. You are not dedicated to building your future. That’s not true. 

Detachment means being indifferent, it means that well, you don’t really care. Nonattachment, however, means that your heart is invested but you understand that your happiness lives in the now

I see detachment as apathy and nonattachment as neutrality. It is important to place yourself in the position of somebody who truly lives their life rather than being a watcher. Always obsessing over the fact that ‘once this specific thing comes, I will be fulfilled’. 

Happiness is in the now, fulfilment is in the now, all we have is now. So don’t attach yourself to your manifestations. If they come, great! If they don’t, even better. That means something better is on the way. 

I consciously noticed the difference between nonattachment and detachment after reading ‘Transcending the Levels of Consciousness’ by David R. Hawkins. See the link below if you want to learn more.

Happiness is in the now, fulfilment is in the now, all we have is now.


As I have mentioned before, ‘supporting elements’ are not the foundation of this secret manifestation method. However, I do highly recommend adding this step under your belt. 

‘Supporting elements’ could be anything. It could be visualization through meditation or perhaps, morning affirmations. Maybe you enjoy scripting? Scripting can be a powerful way to support the ‘seeing’ method as you are writing in the present tense and actually get to see your words. 

‘Supporting elements’ don’t even have to be from the spiritual realm. Maybe you are trying to manifest a new love coming into your life? Exercising might act as your supporting element because exercise releases the so-called ‘happy’ hormones. And happy people are attractive people. Maybe you would meet that special someone through exercising, who knows. The point is, make sure you are supporting the ‘seeing’ method by making improvements to your life.  

The bottom line is that I want you to have fun with this technique. As the ‘seeing’ method is highly visual, make sure to be creative with it. When we are in a creative state of mind, we flow. When we flow, we manifest

This blog post was all about my secret manifestation technique which is not so secret anymore haha. 

Namaste. I am proud of you. 


  • Thank you for your blog! I am so happy that I have stumbled upon the amount of useful/helpful information in the same spot. I am on (give or take) chapter 10-ish. I’ve been on the same chapter for about two weeks. I’ve been stuck. Although, I am certain that the information you provided for “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, will be so helpful that I may be able to become “unstuck”!

    In order to continue successfully through this book and create a journey out of it, I need very specific and detailed instructions on a daily basis. For example, I need instructions on what pages/chapter to read on day 1. As well as a brief summary and explanation of those pages instructed to read, a list of questions to ask myself and write my answers down as well as a list of options of meditations to complete for that day. Then so on and so on for day 2, day 3, etc.

    When I first began the book, I did have a free pdf worksheet that someone (named Hollie, I believe) created and posted on the Dr. Joe Dispenza forum community. It was available for anyone to download and use throughout the entire book. This pdf was just what I needed as it was exactly what I described above. Sadly, without warning, the forum became discontinued and no longer had access to it. That is when I became stuck.

    If you happen to know of any other free pdf worksheets for this book, PLEASE let me know!

    Again, I can not thank you enough for your review and instruction of this book. So helpful. Also, thank you for your attention in even reading this message. It is so appreciated.

    Also, below there is an area to enter a website. I’m not exactly sure what website you are asking for below. So I entered my website. Hopefully that is what was requested of me.

    Thank you, again!

    • Hi, Mandy! I am so sorry for replying to your message after almost a year 🙏 Unfortunately, I have fallen behind with the website due to major changes in life:) I hope you were able to find the worksheet you were looking for! I myself have only used the book and the recordings available online😇

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