What You Need to Remember When Starting Out in The Law Of Attraction

As much as the world of the Law of Attraction can be exciting, it can also become pretty confusing and disappointing very fast. Honestly, it has its ups and downs even if you have been practicing/living by it for a very long time. In reality, it is a very simple concept which begins with the Law of Vibration. YOUR vibration attracts things with a similar vibration into your life. However, we tend to forget that we as humans ought to have human experiences in this lifetime. We ought to go through times of transformation, experience sadness, anger, and disappointment. Sometimes the Spirit makes you go through very difficult times. And that’s because it is opening a new door for you and is trying to teach you a valuable lesson. In this guide, I share the 4 key elements you need to remember when starting out in the Law of Attraction. 

Another thing you should always keep in mind is that everyone’s journey is different and we all have our own path and purpose. Never compare yourself to somebody else, whether that would be a public figure, a Youtuber, or your friend. There is no such thing as a mistake. We learn and grow because of the experiences that we have. Whether that would be not taking that amazing job opportunity, losing money, or getting into a fight with your significant other and feeling guilty at the end. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. The sooner you let go of the resistance, the quicker your manifestations will come.

These are the 4 key elements that I have learned and would like to share with you if you just starting out in the Law of Attraction. 

You will have your bad days and that is more than okay.

As I said before, you are a human being and it is important to let yourself process anger, sadness, or any unpleasant experience that you may be going through. A lot of people forget all about it when starting out in the Law of Attraction. You mustn’t squash those feelings away because they are just as important and valuable as the positive and happy ones. At the end of the day, we all understand that in order for us to feel bliss, we must know what the opposite of that feels like. Otherwise, we will simply become immune to it.

Sometimes you and I will have those days where the only thing we will want to do is lay in bed, eat ice cream, drink wine, and watch Netflix. And sometimes, I love those days. They let me be with myself, do nothing, and be miserable because sometimes that IS what my body and mind need. Remember that you and I will have those days where we don’t even want to believe in the Law of Attraction/Vibration. Some days will be very dark. However, that doesn’t mean anything bad. It’s just part of the journey, it’s part of life.

Stop forcing & obsessing.

When you are trying to manifest anything at all, usually you want to attract it into your life because you believe it is going to make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Obviously, you want to attract that special someone or something into your life as soon as possible. However, if you keep obsessing over it and using every single method in the book to attract it, you most likely will not get it. And that brings me back to the simplicity of the Law of Vibration. Your vibrations will attract things of a similar vibration which means that you are attracting more of the same. Which may be lack, unfulfillment, or a sense of urgency. And because we feel so excited to manifest our deepest desires into reality, we often forget that when starting out in the Law of Attraction.


The way your mind understands it is that if you are so obsessed over this one thing, it’s not part of your reality (not now, not in the future). If you would 100% know that this particular manifestation is on its way, would you keep forcing it? Probably not. So live in the ‘now’ and understand that the power of the present moment is immense. This is the way I like to imagine it: when there is something that I want to attract into my life, I know that it is already part of my journey, it has already been scheduled for me and it’s already in my life. I believe that it will come in its Divine timing and I learn to let go. Essentially, I place my trust in the Universe. When you vibrate trust, you no longer worry about whether it will come or not. You simply know that this or something better will eventually come into your life.

Some things are just not meant for you.

There will be certain things that you will want to attract into your life, however, it will seem that it’s just not happening. No matter how strongly you believe it to be yours. You will let go, and there won’t be any resistance but that special someone or something will simply not take any physical form. And that, my friends, simply means that you need to put even more trust in the Universe and your Spirit Guides. They know what they’re doing.

We as humans tend to have a very narrow way of thinking whether we’d like to admit it or not. You and I, see this one mission or goal that we want to achieve. We think that THIS IS IT, this is what we need, this is how we need to achieve and this is what is going to happen AFTER we achieve it. However, there may be a whole other path that the Universe has in mind for us. Something bigger, something more fulfilling, and something that will cause a butterfly effect for us to achieve even more. So breathe in and let go, it’s all good, we are all on the same boat here, my friends.

Avoid attaching specific dates to your manifestations.

Some people really like working with dates, however, I believe that it takes a lot of practice and a lot of faith. You need to be able to accept the fact that it may not come before the date that you’ve placed. Essentially, you need to remember everything I have mentioned above if you want to put a specific deadline for your manifestations.

Some of you may be asking yourself why is that? Well, dates for often than not create a sense of pressure. The closer you are to your specific date, the bigger the chance that you will start doubting your abilities to manifest. You may create a fake sense of urgency which will create resistance, which we all know creates lack. Personally, I rarely attach dates to any of my manifestations. That is because I do not like the disappointment it can sometimes create. You can definitely play with dates, just make sure that you will be absolutely okay if it doesn’t come to fruition by that time. Trust in yourself and trust in your journey.

Remember, whether you are just starting out in the Law of Attraction or have been aware of it for many years, you always had that power within you. You don’t have to force it, there is no right or wrong here. Let the Law of Attraction give you a helping hand and don’t turn it into something daunting.♡

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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