How To Make Affirmations Work & Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

Let’s talk affirmations. So many people use them, practice them and find them to be highly beneficial. However, there is a number of people who believe that affirmations are useless and don’t work. So what actually determines the success of your affirmations? If you want to understand how to make affirmations work, keep on reading. I will be sharing some practical tips on how to change your affirmations game forever.


First, let’s start with why your affirmations might not be working to their full potential. There can be a number of reasons, but it all comes back to belief and alignment. As affirmations are basically words released into the world with a particular intention, they already hold a certain amount of power. However, it is extremely difficult for them to take shape in the material world if your beliefs and actions are not aligned with the words that you are releasing.

So let’s break this down for better understanding. 


You probably often hear how much your energy determines everything that happens in your life. This is something that is repeated over and over again, but it’s important to understand why. Energy is the key to making your affirmations work. If there is no belief behind the words that you are saying or writing, your affirmations will not be as powerful as you expect them to be. If you are saying ‘I am successful’ but feeling absolutely dreadful inside, the energy of the words will have a hard time pushing through your doubts. The natural energy of the words will still be there, but mixed together with the low vibrational states of consciousness, it will unfortunately, be too weak to penetrate your current reality. Not to mention it will take much more time to actually manifest.


Your actions must come hand in hand with your affirmations. I have met people that don’t really believe in the power of words. They sarcastically ask if by sitting at a table and constantly repeating ‘I am financially wealthy’ they will suddenly become rich. Well, everything is possible but your actions are a big part of how you build the energy around you. Additionally, we have to realise that we carry a body on this Earth for a reason and we must use it. There is always a balance. Yin and yang. Use both, your physical body and your energetic body when you want to achieve something. More often than not, your affirmations must align with your actions. If you don’t nourish your body and constantly repeat ‘I am healthy’, your body is probably not going to respond to that too well. Similarly, if you are trying to manifest more income or new relationships, there is much less room for change if you do not go out there and do something differently.


I really thought hard whether I should name this part ‘Time’ but ultimately I came to a realisation that time is not the issue here. You can manifest things ultra-fast when you understand how quantum manifestation works. Time is not linear and it’s actually one of the illusions that we need to overcome. However, impatience and not allowing for your affirmations and energy to settle often causes a delay. Again, it all comes down to energy and being in alignment. If you want to attract love, success, healing or anything else for that matter, your frequency must match that of love, success, and healing. If you want to understand how to make affirmations work, the number one rule is to practice patience and letting go.

When you are being impatient, you are focusing all your energy on time and matter. Essentially, you are stuck in the 3D world. In order for the energy to flow freely and allow your manifestations to come into fruition, you have to get out of this model of thinking. 

When you are being impatient, you are focusing all your energy on time and matter. Essentially, you are stuck in the 3D world. In order for the energy to flow freely and allow your manifestations to come into fruition, you have to get out of this model of thinking. 


Now let’s move to the fun part. I am going to give you some practical tips on how you can facilitate the power of your affirmations. Some of the tips below require a small change, some require a little bit more effort. I advise you to try anything that is applicable to you personally. 


Before we can start with the more practical tips, I do need to encourage you to address whatever has been blocking your manifestations. I want you to address your current mood and if you are feeling any low vibrational emotions, try to break it down. See what may be the reason behind them as this is just as important. Additionally, I want to remind you that masking your blockages will only make them scream louder. Therefore, never ignore any issues that arise throughout your journey. Remember, that first, you need to build a solid foundation. You need to shake off any old limiting beliefs and blockages before you can bring in the new. 

practice affirmations after meditation

This is a change that I made recently. I rearranged the steps in my morning routine and I really do feel it working better now. I used to say my morning prayer/express gratitude and practice my morning affirmations right before going about my day. This meant that I did my meditation, journaling/scripting, and card readings first. Now I practice my affirmations and prayer right after meditating. I realised that right after meditation my body, my mind, soul, and spirit are in such a high vibrational state that my prayer feels a lot different. This brings additional force into my affirmations.

I advise you to try and practice your affirmations after meditating when you have accessed your subconscious mind. 

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I already mentioned that I practice my affirmations at the same time as my prayer. I do think that this is the best way to do it because in essence, you are simply having a conversation with the Universe. This gives much more meaning and positive force to your affirmations because you have already established a connection with the Divine. 


Create a routine, a set of actions and beliefs that you follow every day. Affirmations are just a small part of your overall manifestation power. Don’t just wake up, say some affirmations, grab your phone, and get on with your day. Understand that as we already discussed, your actions are intertwined. Affirmations are just one of the supporting blocks. Add more high vibrational practices into your daily routine so they can all work together to strengthen your energetic field that much more. Choose something that makes you FEEL good whether that would be scripting, mindful stretching, meditative dancing or painting. Whatever you choose, make sure to connect your rituals and your actions. 


I hate to be a broken record here, but your actions must align with your affirmations. If you say ‘I am love, I am kindness’, be those things, choose love over conflict, create rather than destroy. Similarly, if you say ‘I am happily married’, make sure to approach your relationship from a loving perspective, listen, and be open. If you say ‘I am a successful business owner’, put in the work and don’t forget to reflect on how much you have already achieved, honour your achievements and failures. Successful business owners fail & fear, and do it anyway. I understand and I know first-hand that it’s easier said than done. But we can all try our very best each day. Some days will look like a fraction of our good days. All of that is okay.

I hope the information you found within this post has made the topic a bit clearer and that now you know how to make affirmations work. First, you need to understand where you are experiencing misalignment. Then you can work on incorporating some practical changes within your routine. 

Namaste. I am proud of you. 

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