4 Major Causes Of A Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever went through a spiritual awakening and wondered what event or experience has caused it? You may have several awakenings within your lifetime and all of them may be completely different with separate learning experiences. Therefore, your spiritual awakening can not only be completely different from somebody else’s but the cause behind it may be entirely different as well. The path to enlightenment is often rocky, with multiple ups and downs. Most of the messages and experiences can seem vague or unnecessary in the present time. But it does always make sense when the time is right. Today we explore the 4 major causes of spiritual awakening and the meaning behind them.


I am going to be pretty straightforward with you here and try to explain it in the way that I’d explain to my younger self. Spiritual awakening or enlightenment is a transformative time in your life when the foundation of your beliefs and understanding of how the Universe works, gets shaken up. Each spiritual awakening carries a different lesson. Some may say that their awakening was super positive and they were almost what you would call ‘high on life’. For others, enlightenment may be a morbid time in their lives. Some may feel apathy or have difficulty finding the way back to themselves. However, it is important to remember that there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel, each awakening brings us closer to the Universe, to Self, to God, and others. In the end, we are all one, everything is interconnected. 

1. acknowledging YOUR SPIRITUAL SIDE

When you first start exploring your spiritual side, that’s when usually people have their first spiritual awakening. That’s when you actually let the thought of ‘there being something more’ sink in. I have noticed that not only for me but for so many other people this type of awakening is usually super exciting. It feels like you have opened Pandora’s box. 

Choosing to acknowledge your spiritual side might be conscious and unconscious. Even if you still have your doubts but you are sitting here reading a blog post about enlightenment, something sparked your curiosity. This type of information may have even found you completely accidentally. In that case, it was really meant to happen. The more you start reading about the unconventional and the stronger your curiosity, the bigger the chance for the spiritual awakening to occur. 

Through acknowledging and connecting to your spiritual side you allow for a new view of the Universe to take place. Everything that you have previously thought to be the ultimate true now crumbles down. That’s when people usually start to believe in the power of their thoughts, the Law of Attraction, start connecting with their Spirit Guides, and become fascinated with the unknown. If you are currently at this stage and are questioning every. single. thing, welcome, you’re in for a ride haha.  

When I first acknowledged my spiritual side and stopped ignoring my curiosity for the unknown, that’s when my first spiritual awakening occurred as well. I always knew that there is supposed to be something more, I was always the first one to believe in the unbelievable. However, I never fully connected with that side of me. I never took care of my mental health and had no idea how to lead a holistic lifestyle. When I first started exploring meditation, the Law of Attraction and got introduced to such now usual concepts as ‘the Third Eye’, I devoured the information. I could feel that something inside of me has moved and there was no turning back. 


One of the most difficult, yet liberating causes of a spiritual awakening is trauma. Something that cripples you to the point that there is nothing left to do but surrender. This type of awakening happens when we reach such low states of consciousness, that we turn back to God. We seek guidance and liberation from a Higher Power. Everything seems pointless and the pain consumes us so much so that God seems to be the only answer. In essence, you let go. 

It does not matter how you see God or if they carry a certain image or name, this is the place where even the biggest skeptics surrender. Right before you think that everything is lost, something switches inside of you, and your faith starts to lead the way. This is why we see people who hit their absolute lowest lows turn to God and suddenly change their views and perception. It’s the trauma that makes you surrender to the Higher Power. 

After that, you may experience a domino effect, your faith and connection to the Spirit and Self only grows. 

When a spiritual awakening occurs due to deep trauma, it can be one of the most profound experiences ever. In a way, you switch from having nothing to lose to having everything to gain. 

In a way, you switch from having nothing to lose to having everything to gain. 


One of the most frequent causes of a spiritual awakening is going through profound healing and working with the blockages. How you choose to do that is completely up to you. It can be shadow work, hypnotherapy (or therapy, however, hypnotherapy is a much more rapid process), deep meditative states, working closely with a guide/guru. We all heal our traumas differently because we respond to different methods, so there’s no right or wrong here. 

When you start dismantling your mind and work through the blockages that keep you up at night, you eventually break through them. That doesn’t mean that after a sudden epiphany the work ends. However, this is the moment when you realise that you tapped into something amazing. 

If you are already going through a spiritual awakening, working through your traumas can accelerate the process. For example, my third awakening started almost 1 year ago. This one is by far the strongest one, the longest one, and the most transformative one. Only around 6 months into the process did I give my undivided attention to healing my deepest trauma. And that accelerated my spiritual awakening and allowed me to go deeper. 

Healing your trauma always brings an amazing gift which is called ‘acceptance’. Just like surrendering, acceptance acts as a magical torch enlightening our path. 

what happens after spiritual awakening

4. Deepening your spiritual practices

This is where we get really general because there are so many different practices that can trigger a spiritual awakening. Through constantly working with your Spirit and not against it, you grow as a human being and encounter different lessons and learning curves each day. For some, cultivating a Kundalini yoga practice might be the cause of their spiritual awakening. Others find enlightenment in reading literature and deepening their understanding and knowledge.

If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person (whatever it may mean to you) and you are curious to know why you started going through a transformative time, think about what has changed in your routine. Maybe there is a new person in your life that sparked new interests and inspired you to dig deeper? Perhaps you changed something in your routine, something that had a profound influence on your life? It doesn’t have to be big or small, it simply has to be enough to shake your foundation. 

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These are the 4 major causes of a spiritual awakening, however, please do remember that as mentioned, each experience is individual. Some of the answers cannot be found in books or the Internet. Some of them can only be found within your Heart.

Namaste. I am proud of you.


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