Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations For Healing Your Foundation

Root Chakra is the foundation of your chakra system. The same way a tree has its roots grounded into Earth, us as humans ground through our Root Chakra. If this energy centre is healthy, we feel stable, secure, and grounded. Moreover, we are able to manifest and attract our wishes with ease. If this energy is imbalanced, we often feel fearful, unstable, scattered, and wobbly. There are many things you can do to bring more peace and balance into this energy centre, however, today we will concentrate on the most powerful Root Chakra affirmations. These have truly changed my life and I hope they will positively impact yours as well.

So let’s dive in and see what these powerful Root Chakra affirmations are!


If you are hearing about chakras for the very first time, I would highly recommend reading my Chakras for Beginners guide as it will give a beginner-friendly in-depth explanation of how chakras work. Generally speaking, a chakra is an energy point within your subtle body that governs different areas of your life and different parts of your physical body.

The most popular system nowadays is the 7-chakra system. These 7 chakras run along the column of your spine starting from your tailbone (Root Chakra) and reaching your crown (Crown Chakra). However, this is not the only way to work with your chakras, therefore the more you learn, the easier it is going to be to build your own understanding.


Sanskrit name: Muladhara
Meaning: Root support
Colour: Red
Location: Base of spine
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell 
Glands: Adrenals

Your Root Chakra is all about survival and physical reality. When we live in constant fear about the future and don’t feel stable in life, it’s time to work on this powerful energy centre. The feelings of worry and anxiety are going to create an inability to stay grounded and manifest things into fruition. The majority of people who have trouble with their finances or even having their basic needs met, most of them are going to have an imbalance in their Root Chakra. This is also true for various eating disorders, therefore when you think Root Chakra, think physical and survival.

This energy centre forms during childhood. Its journey started from the time you were living your best life in your mother’s womb to when you were 7 years old. For this reason, any traumas experienced during this period are going to affect your Root Chakra.


Root Chakra imbalance is not rare. Especially, in this day and age. There is a great number of people who struggle with a sense of belonging and staying grounded. Many of us feel fearful about the future and our finances. Moreover, we often carry memories from our childhood that create various limiting beliefs. I, myself, have been working with my Root Chakra for a long time since I tend to operate mostly from my upper chakras. Therefore, I need to keep extra attention to staying grounded and connected to the Earth. 

I have found that the following Root Chakra affirmations have helped me immensely during my journey. The first few times I have practised them and really felt their vibration, I felt chills travel throughout my entire body. I still do. They are extremely powerful once you connect with them.

I have also included both forms. For example, ‘I am fearless’ and ‘I am fearlessness. It depends on which form you resonate more with. I find that the latter can be immensely powerful because if you ARE fearlessness, how can you be anything opposite to that?


Your Root Chakra is closely related to feeling safe and secure. Repeating this affirmation will really help you strengthen your connection with Mother Gaia. When you say ‘I am safe’ to yourself, look around. Is there any immediate threat to you or your family? In most situations, it only takes a few minutes of stillness to realize that your fears are nothing that you cannot solve. When I realize that I have my basic needs met and more, my heart immediately slows down. If in fact, you are going through a really tough period in your life, meditate on this affirmation as it will help your mind relax. Everything that happens within your subtle body eventually manifests within the physical realm as well. If there is chaos around you, try to create safety within yourself.


This affirmation has a similar ring to ‘I am safe / I am safety’, however, it really helps to emphasize the latter. Feeling safe and secure is our basic need. It helps our bodies slow down and think clearly again. Any doubts about it will make your mind constantly work in survival mode. Therefore, breathe in and tell yourself ‘I am safe and I am secure’ several times until you can actually feel it in your bones. 


I love this affirmation because it not only connects you to your Root Chakra but it also helps you connect with your Crown Chakra as well. When you meditate on ‘I am protected’ affirmation, think about your relationship to Mother Earth and to the Divine. Understand that you are not only fully supported by the ground and the physical, you are also fully protected by the Divine and the spiritual. Whatever you associate the Divine with, it doesn’t matter, it can be a specific God or simply the Universe that surrounds you. The important thing is that you start connecting with this Source of energy.

I AM FEARLESS / i am fearlessness

This is one of my favourite Root Chakra affirmations, because what is more Root than being fearless! We all have that power within us and it’s always available to tap into. I would even recommend saying this more loudly than you naturally would, nobody’s watching! Well, except the entire Universe that is cheering for you. Repeat it as many times as you need and feel that dense power flowing through your entire body. You are fearless and you are capable of anything. Trust yourself and trust that the Divine has your back. Any challenge, any risk, take it as a game of life.


So how do you actually use these affirmations to their fullest potential? First of all, I have a helpful guide on How to Make Your Affirmations Work so you might want to check that out for more information. I personally practice these Root Chakra affirmations after my meditation and Reiki session each morning. These affirmations are always incorporated into my prayer as this is my time to mindfully connect to the Universe and myself. Therefore, anything that I say during this time gets amplified. And we all know that if there is feeling behind your words, they carry immense power. 

Make sure to truly connect with your affirmations. A powerful technique that you can use is asking yourself ‘Why am I safe? / Why am I protected? / Why am I fearless?’. Ponder on these questions and find evidence in your life that would support your answers. ‘I am fearless because I have already gone through so many challenges, nothing can shake me!’.

You can also use these affirmations whenever you feel like you need an extra push. Repeat it in your mind, in a shower, or sitting on a toilet seat if that is the only free minute you get before an important event haha.

Now go ahead and see how magical these Root Chakra affirmations are for yourself.

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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