11 Powerful Daily Habits To Improve Life

Small or big, all our habits have a way of influencing our daily lives. Our productivity levels, our mood in the mornings, and our sleep quality are affected by the choices that we make. Our physical, mental, and spiritual states can all be influenced by our habits as well. Simply put, you should ask yourself ‘who do I want to be?’ and base your habits on that question. For this very reason, I am sharing my 7 powerful daily habits to improve life. Those habits have definitely improved my life and I hope you will join me on this ride. 

1. no electronics before bed | soft lighting

Most of us know that the blue light emitted by our phones and computer screens is a big no-no for a good night’s sleep. This is because it blocks the production of melatonin which is the hormone that controls your circadian rhythm. Also, you need to remember that your body loves cues, therefore it’s good to have at least a little routine without your electronics before you go to sleep. Your body will naturally understand that it’s time to rest.

I would also recommend using soft lighting before you go to sleep. Choose warm tones rather than harsh white lights. I usually use my ring light that I always keep in the corner and turn on ‘night mode’. I understand that it would be pretty random to own a ring light if you do not film, so see what you can use according to what you already have.


Always drink water after waking up to get your body going. However, do not stress your body out by drinking chilled water right when you wake up. I personally don’t even drink room temperature water, I always choose to warm it up. Ease yourself into the day as this will naturally put you in a better mood. This might seem like such an uninspiring habit but it’s surprising how much happier you feel mentally when your body is introduced to a new day in a mellow way.

3. do meditate

This can be a difficult habit to get used to for some. I absolutely do think that everyone should meditate because it’s literally a natural supplement for your mind, body, and spirit. If you find it difficult, if you don’t enjoy it, I would recommend starting small. Don’t try to sit and meditate for 30 minutes just because someone else does. Start with 5 minutes. I would recommend starting with guided or transcendental meditation. Guided meditations help you stay on track, because naturally, you have someone guiding you. If your monkey mind drifts away, it would be smart to try transcendental meditation. This will require to sit in silence and repeat a mantra (silently). 

Alternatively, I have met so many people that enjoy walking meditation if sitting (or laying down) meditation is not your thing.


This habit can be whatever you make it to be. It can be many different techniques that you use each morning. It can be something as simple as taking a deep deep breath, smiling, and saying (with confidence) ‘today is going to be amazing’ or whatever words you feel appropriate at that time. I myself practice intention setting through my morning prayer and scripting or journaling. However, our goal here is to make your new habits attainable.


This is such an easy habit to follow. However, I will be honest with you, I was definitely not a bed maker in the past. That was not something that my Mom made me do (she was too good) and that is a habit that I needed to develop myself. However, now that I cannot imagine it any other way, I can see how much it improves my productivity and sets the tone for the day. My brain immediately goes ‘okay, bed no more, the day has started’. A lot of people report feeling an instant feeling of reward as they immediately do something productive after waking up. This is definitely one of the very EASY daily habits to improve life.


Staying physically active is extremely important. However, I am not here to tell you to go to the gym, run or do yoga. Find a physical activity that feels natural and good for YOU. That’s the key to making it a habit. Going to the gym never stuck with me. I would go for a few months, then stop for the same amount of time. It was not sustainable. Now I love home workouts, I mix different styles but my love is definitely yoga. I don’t have to force myself to do it because I love it and made a habit out of it. 

Some people don’t like gyms, nor they enjoy home workouts. Maybe taking a walk and stretching outside could be your thing? You need to be able to find something that you truly enjoy. Of course, you will have days when you won’t even want to move in any way, but this requires discipline and listening to your body.


This one would kinda go into the ‘break the habit, make a new one’ category. I was never somebody who would drink coffee every morning without a doubt, however, I would lean onto it if I had no energy and have it on most days. If you are a morning coffee drinker, try switching it up. Go for nutritious smoothies or juice instead. I am not staying to quit coffee altogether, I still enjoy it on rare occasions because I genuinely like the taste of it. However, I do see people kinda falling into morning coffee addition and that dose of caffeine is an absolute necessity. Consuming coffee or other form of caffeine can also cause blockages in your spiritual growth as it has an addictive quality. 


This is a small habit that can eventually grow into a big one. I recommend planning each day using Google Calendars or your Apple Calendar if you prefer. And I recommend doing this for everyone, ESPECIALLY if you tend to be disorganized altogether. Planning your day gives you direction. For me personally, simply writing out the goals doesn’t work. I need specific timing that I could follow so I wouldn’t get carried away with one task and then be out of time. You do not need to plan your every minute, at least not in the beginning but giving yourself some structure is very helpful. There are some days that I don’t plan at all if I wish to take a break, chill and do whatever. 

I would 100% recommend learning calendar blocking as it is a very efficient way to stay on top of your game. This is for sure one of the daily habits to improve life. Your productivity levels will go up massively.

9. drink most of your water during daytime

One of the worst things that you can do for yourself before going to sleep is chugging loads of water. Firstly, not only will you wake up puffy, but you will keep waking up throughout the night. Allow your body to rest and develop a habit of drinking most of your water during daytime.


Always put your things back where they belong. Don’t leave it be for X amount of days. If you made a little mess while getting ready in the morning and don’t have time to put everything back, do it once you come back. Trust me, it makes your life so much easier because you don’t need to then have a massive revolutionary clean-up at the end of the week. Try to keep your space as tidy and clean as possible daily.

Additionally, this is not only important for your efficiency, it is also extremely important for your mental wellbeing as well. Your space is a reflection of your inner state and vice versa. The more organized and tidy your surroundings, the clearer the mind.

11. Practice the 'loving mirror' exercise

I have talked about this exercise before, but I want to mention it again. Each morning I end my morning ritual with the ‘loving mirror’ exercise. I sit or stand in front of a mirror and admire my body and my soul. I accept everything that I perceive as to be flawed and I honour those things. It has helped me tremendously with my self-confidence and self-image. I also believe that it had a big influence on my skin condition. Acne was a regular guest and now it’s a ghost from the past. My skin has improved so so much! 

Hopefully, I have inspired you to try out some of these daily life improvement tips and you’re going to make them a habit. I truly believe that we can change for the better when we work together with our mind, body, and soul, not against them. Your daily habits to improve life are waiting for you!

Namaste. I am proud of you. 

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