Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils And Diffusers & How To Use Them

DISCLAIMER: Please be careful when using essential oils. Especially when it’s in direct contact with your skin. Always research as much as possible and consult your doctor if an allergic reaction occurs. Essential oils can do more damage than good if used incorrectly. 

Aromatherapy or essential oil therapy has been gaining more and more popularity. Now you can literally purchase a diffuser or an abundance of essential oils at a supermarket. However, with its rising popularity, I have noticed that people sometimes get confused with what is the difference between the diffusers they are eyeing and where should they start when it comes to the oils themselves. And that is something that will hopefully become clearer to you after reading this post! This will serve you as an ultimate guide to essential oils and diffusers. 

Aromatherapy is basically a holistic healing method using PURE plant extracts. When I say ‘pure’, I do not say that lightly. There are so many essential oils on the market right now that can do more damage than good. The same way you choose your non-toxic candles, the same way you should research your essential oils. Never choose an oil purely because it smells good but you do not know anything about the brand or haven’t read the label on what the oil contains. I mostly use Now Foods essential oils at the moment because they aren’t super pricey and I still have a few oils from Melaleuca that I haven’t finished. You do want to get the oil’s benefits, friends!

The most popular and convenient way to use your essential oils has been through a diffuser. Now I wanna say that even if you do not own a diffuser and want to start using essential oils, you can absolutely do so. You can either mix it with water and spray it on your sheets or all over your space. You can also simply get a few drops on your palms and inhale the oil for its amazing benefits. On top of that, you can use it for cleaning purposes, for your hair and skin. Basically, a diffuser is not a must, however, it is super convenient. Using essential oils and diffusers is popular for a reason. 

Let’s dive in and see what essential oils and diffusers I would recommend for a beginner. 

essential oil diffuser benefits

First, let’s talk about different types of diffusers.

The diffuser that I use is an ultrasonic diffuser from Melaleuca. As I got it as a gift from my mom a good few years ago now, they do not have this exact diffuser for sale anymore. You can check out the new one HERE. What I like about this diffuser is that it has a timer. I can set it for 2 hours when I go to sleep without having to worry about turning it off. It cost my mom around 40 EUR at the time. However, in order to get one from Melaleuca specifically, you have to either be one of the representatives in the company or know one. I really love their products, however, I haven’t bought much from them in a while simply because I am choosing to stay away from MLMs (multi-level marketing) as much as possible. That is a whole other topic for another day.

|Ultrasonic diffusers|

I love ultrasonic diffusers because they are relatively cheap to use and act as humidifiers as well. In essence, you pour a certain amount of water (depending on how long you are planning to keep it on or how concentrated you want the smell to be) and then add a few drops of the essential oil. Because you are mixing the oil with water, you get to stretch the time and use the oil for longer. Additionally, it is amazing to use if you live in a dryer climate. I live in Dubai, therefore it is pretty humid here. However, I still love placing the diffuser next to my face when I go to sleep. That way I never have any breathing problems during my sleep time (especially after flights as the air tends to be very dry on the aircraft). Essential oils and ultrasonic diffusers work very well together. 

|Nebulizing diffusers|

In contrast, there are also nebulizing diffusers that use oil ONLY. Therefore you will need to use way more of your essential oils than with an ultrasonic diffuser. That being said, nebulizing diffusers are very powerful.

|Heat difussers|

Heat diffusers may change the properties of your oil as they use heat to disperse the essential oil into the air. These diffusers can either be electric or use a simple candle to heat up the oil. This type of diffusing is like an older brother to all the other ones, because candle heat diffusers have been around for a very long time. My grandparents used to have it and I used to use it as well when I was a kid. ♡

|Evaporative diffusers|

Evaporative diffusers would probably be my least favourite ones to use, however they do have their own fan base. They only use the essential oil itself without any water just like the nebulizing diffusers. However, evaporative diffusers use a fan to disperse the oil into the air and all of the components of your essential oil may be diffused at different times. If you do not want to mix your oils with water, go for the nebulizing diffuser as you will get more healing properties from it. In essence, essential oils and evaporative diffusers are a rare combination. However, as I mentioned some people actually prefer them better. 

best essential oils for diffuser

The THREE essential oils you will always find at my place.


I have a very special place in my heart for this essential oil because it was the first-ever oil that I got. It is also extremely versatile. I diffuse it, I also use it for cleaning, for my skin and scalp health.

Tea tree essential oil is mainly known for its healing properties. Especially when you start feeling sick and your immune system needs a boost. It is amazing to use as a mouthwash for not only better breath and healthier gums but for a sore throat as well.

I always use it on my pimples and I am not afraid to use it undiluted although, I do have sensitive skin. Try using it once on your skin and see how it reacts. If it gets too dry or red, try mixing it up with water.

Add a few drops to your regular or clarifying shampoo. I love adding it to the easiest DIY clarifying mask for your hair. Basically, I mix my regular shampoo, baking soda, and tea tree oil to cleanse my scalp once every 2 to 3 weeks.

I use tea tree oil and some other antibacterial essential oils for cleaning the floor and other surfaces (so much better than using chemicals!).

It can also be used to bring a sense of control back into your life. Use it when you have a scattered and busy mind or feel anxious. Melaleuca can assist in breaking unhealthy bonds with other people or unhealthy routines. Therefore, use it if you have an overactive Heart Chakra as it helps with neediness. It makes your awareness rise up and is wonderful to use before your bedtime.

As it can help you gain perspective and start fresh, it is amazing to use on a New Moon, especially during scripting (it will help with your manifestations!).

best essential oil brands for diffuser


So many people say that lavender oil smells like an old grandma, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that haha. I love elderly people! Lavender is also super popular in Croatia and I am obsessed with the country.

Lavender oil is great for your skin and healing scarring, so make sure to add a few drops to your face masks. It can also be used to treat burns, but be careful as always. Same as the tea tree oil, you can add a few drops to your regular shampoo, especially if you like the smell.

This essential oil helps to activate the so-called rest and digest system and has an amazingly soothing effect. It is great for your heart and that is why it is widely known as the bedtime oil. It helps in times of vulnerability as it adds protection and helps heal traumas. Use it when you need to make a decision and are in deep contemplation. Don’t be afraid to use it when you’re studying as it takes away the anxiety. However, be careful if you feel SUPER tired as you will only get sleepier.

Lavender attracts money, love, abundance, and raises your vibrations to attract prosperity. Use it when meditating or healing your Crown Chakra as it helps to reconnect with your spiritual world and go inward. Basically, it helps to stop the chaos and is a very ‘DEEP’ essential oil. Adam Barralet has said something along the lines of ”we learn when we shut up” when talking about the lavender essential oil (you can find his Youtube channel HERE).

essential oils guide for diffuser


Eucalyptus is mostly found in Australia and is a koala’s favourite food!♡ It smells very refreshing. I like using it together with orange essential oil as the smell is so good (smells like candy).

It is the best oil to use for your respiratory system. I always put it around my nostrils when I do yoga. Try using it if you have caught the flu, have asthma, or your sinuses are blocked. As it has a calming effect on your breath, it is also great to use during meditation when you need to come back to the present moment. Don’t forget that as it is closely related to your respiratory system. Eucalyptus is also closely related to your Throat Chakra, so diffuse it before a presentation or if you need strength to speak up.

This essential oil helps to get rid of airborne bacteria. It also purifies your home, cleanses your space, and is especially great to use after an argument. That is why eucalyptus is amazing to use if you want to truly forgive somebody and send healing energies their way.

If you want to learn more about essential oils (and crystals), I recommend visiting Adam Barralet’s channel!

So here you go, your beginner’s guide to essential oils and diffusers. You really don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on 50 different essential oils or get the most expensive diffuser out there. If you have any questions, please do write me a comment here or under my video on Youtube. I am super excited to see you start exploring the magical world of essential oils and diffusers, whichever you choose to get. 

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Namaste. I am proud of you.



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