A Healthy Take On The Law Of Responsibility (Is Karma At Play?)

I really love diving deep into the Laws of the Universe. I believe that each Law has the power to serve as a guide throughout our lives here on Earth. Often, they talk about the simple truths of life that may have become not so simple anymore. Sometimes we simply need a little reminder and some time for reflection. Sometimes, however, we need to dive a little bit deeper and take what we need while leaving the unnecessary. Today we are doing exactly that with the Law of Responsibility. Taking a healthy and fresh look at the Law which more often than not gets simplified so much that it becomes problematic.


So let’s take a shallow look at the Law of Responsibility here for a second. I say shallow because I really do believe this Law has more depth than the initial impression might suggest. The Law of Responsibility suggests that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. We are responsible for where we are today and where we are going. The responsibility of our achievements and failures also falls on our shoulders. In essence, everything that is going on in our lives is our own responsibility and we have nobody to blame. We are free to choose our path, therefore, our choices define our tomorrow. 


The Law of Responsibility carries such a beautiful and freeing concept, however, I often see it taken to the extremes. It almost feels like instead of being freeing, it makes you blame yourself for everything and anything that happens in your life. When reading about the Law of Responsibility, I have found people saying that the work you do, the pay you receive, it’s all your own choice. You attract everything that happens to you via your own thoughts. If you are not happy with something, change it. I believe that this is a very dangerous way to think about it and quite frankly, quite ignorant. 

There are thousands of families that may not want to live in poverty. There are thousands of fathers working in construction in excruciating heat while they dream of becoming doctors, writers, or sitting under a palm tree sipping on an Ice Tea. Not everyone has the same level of opportunity. Not everyone was lucky enough to be born in a country with free education or even clean water. That is not to say that those people may never reach their goals. However, they most certainly do not have the same advantages. 

Yes, we are responsible for our own happiness and it’s incredibly freeing to know that. However, not everything that happens in our lives is our own choice. A loving friend who has a lead a healthy lifestyle has most definitely not chosen to have a terminal illness or not being able to walk again. Just food for thought.


I do want to mention the concept of karma because I am a big believer that what goes around comes around. It may feel like I am contradicting myself here quite a bit, however, I cannot leave this topic untouched. Many of us are aware of how karma works. Throughout my life, I have heard numerous people saying things like, ‘karma is a b’ or ‘they had it coming’ (and many more). Debatably, I do not think that ‘karma is a b’, but I do believe that karma serves justice in its own natural way. Even if you are not spiritual or religious, admit it.. in many ways, we want to believe that good returns good. 

So you get it, we basically collect brownie points throughout our life. Collect a ‘negative’ point and have it come back at you ten times worse. But what about people who have lead a truly good life? What about those who have not been given the same opportunities as me or you and had to struggle to put food on their tables from a very young age? This is when we extend our belief from carrying karma throughout our lives to carrying karma throughout our existence. 

If you simply look at yourself as a soul who has had many lifetimes (or maybe it’s your first one), it becomes easier to see how we carry karma from our past lives into our current one. Some people may call them ‘karmic debts’ and it explains why some of us continuously struggle with finances, health, romantic relationships or other areas of our lives. Therefore, from a spiritual point of view, one could argue that the circumstances we were born into reflect our karmic score in our past lifetimes.


I admit it, this is a very debatable topic. Especially when you involve karmic debts and scores lol. I didn’t expect it to turn into a philosophy lecture or a debate club between me, myself and I. When I look at the Law of Responsibility I want it to inspire people to take charge of their own lives. People should not feel personally attacked by this concept because it is definitely not the point. Similarly, I believe that others should acknowledge the privileges they have been given before giving the not-so-lucky ones a lecture.

The Law of Responsibility is about doing the best that you can. And your best may look different each day. It’s about dropping indecision, making choices and accepting the consequences whether they are good or bad. It is knowing that you are free to create your own happiness and go against the odds. This Law is about making mistakes, accepting them and trying again. In addition, the Law of Responsibility also talks about dropping expectations and holding yourself accountable when you know you have to. It’s about knowing that with every action (good or bad) you are planting a seed and casting a vote for who you want to be or become. In a way, the Law of Responsibility is partially about karma itself. 

This Law is not about judging yourself for past mistakes. It’s not about beating yourself up for the fact that you have to juggle 3 jobs to keep a roof over your family’s head. It’s not about blaming yourself about not achieving ‘enough’.

Simply put, the Law of Responsibility is understanding that you are responsible for making choices in accordance with the Highest Good of all involved. To your best ability. Because well.. life is sometimes complicated. 

Simply put, the Law of Responsibility is understanding that you are responsible for making choices in accordance with the Highest Good of all involved.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope to have sparked some new (waaay too philosophical) ideas about the Law of Responsibility and Karma.

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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