What Is The Law Of Mirrors & How You Can Benefit From It

As someone who takes interest in the Universal Laws (the Laws of the Universe & the Laws of Karma), I was fascinated to come upon the Law of Mirrors. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Law of Reflection or the Law of the Mirror. Whatever way you choose to label it, the essence of this Universal Law stays the same. 

So let’s dive in and see what the Law of Mirrors is all about and how we can all benefit from it. 

what is the law of mirrors?

The Law of Mirrors suggests that any feelings that we have towards other people originate from our own hearts. This may seem like a duh moment to some, but really if you start to think about it, it’s a beautiful concept. 

I’m sure we all have been in a situation where we meet a person and some of their personality traits really make us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes such people can even evoke anger and other negative emotions. The Law of Mirrors states that whatever you can label in another person, you carry those traits as well. This might be a hard pill to swallow, especially if there is something that you really really dislike about them. However, it can be a truly liberating experience once you start to accept and understand this notion. 

When I first read of this law, I thought to myself ‘but what about all the horrible things that people sometimes do and it really makes you frustrated’. For example, I wouldn’t say that I resonate with somebody who is racist towards other people. However, it’s not really about whether you share the same opinions or understanding of life, sometimes it’s more about how it’s being delivered


Let’s take the same example of somebody who has no problem being racist towards others. If I get caught in a discussion with them, I may feel angry and frustrated. I may think to myself how can this person carry so much negativity and hate in their heart. However, if you catch yourself at just the right moment, you may realise that it’s not only their opinion that makes you feel this way. It’s their narrow-mindedness. It’s their inability to be open. You may feel frustrated thinking about how set they are in their own ways. Now mirror these traits back at yourself

Have you ever acted like that? Have you ever felt like accepting somebody else’s opinion was super hard for you? Or maybe you believed in something so much that you couldn’t even fathom it could any different? Is there something that you now fully accept but had trouble accepting in the past?

Now you tapping into the true essence of the Law of Mirrors. 

the positives are mirrored back at you as well

The Law of Mirrors doesn’t only talk about the negative traits. I’m sorry if we started off on the wrong foot. I’m actually one of those people who prefer to hear the bad news first and keep the goodies for later. At least you can compensate for some of that disappointment haha.

This Universal Law also talks about the fact that all of the amazing beauty that we see in others, we carry within ourselves as well. After all, if we can see it, if we can feel it, it can be found in us as well. How else we would be able to label it?

Coming back to our own experiences, we wouldn’t be human if we couldn’t name at least one time when we felt like wow, that person really does carry something special. I know I definitely notice so many qualities that I admire in other people. Sometimes I even think to myself “damn, I would really love to embody that quality or trait”. What we tend to forget in these moments is that we carry all of that goodness inside of our own hearts. Again, we wouldn’t be able to label it or even begin to understand it if we wouldn’t possess it. 

law of mirrors psychology


The biggest ‘aha’ moment with the Law of Mirrors to me happened when I fully grasped the concept of not everyone seeing the same thing. Let me explain this. 

The Law of Mirrors makes complete sense to me because I now understand that whatever quality we see in other people, the same quality can be interpreted differently (or completely ignored) by others. Haven’t you noticed that you sometimes fixate on some particular trait that another person possesses but then others cannot see it? For example, you see how gracefully someone deals with their challenges, you admire their strength and willpower. However, somebody else sees it as carelessness or entitlement. 

Now, this is the true power of the Law of Mirrors. When you understand that whatever we project onto others, those things simply come from our hearts. Our hearts and our mind interpret those things using our own perspective. 

how can you use the law of mirrors to your own benefit?

I hope that you could already catch where I’m going with this. The Law of Mirrors is not only beautiful because of its concept. It’s liberating to understand how you can use this law to your own advantage. In other words, to facilitate your own growth.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where a particular quality in another person strikes you as something frustrating, use them as a mirror. Imagine that they are simply a mirror and you are looking at yourself. Whatever qualities they are reflecting back at you, you possess as well, and perhaps you haven’t dealt with them. Use these opportunities as guidance to self-healing and liberate your energy. 

The same goes for the times you find yourself admiring that special something that another person possesses. Understand that those traits or qualities are simply a reflection of your OWN traits and qualities. You already have everything you need within you, it simply needs to be nurtured and watered from time to time.

law of mirrors karma

the importance of your own circle

The Law of Mirrors has another interesting point. To be honest, it’s not a widely popular idea, but I do think it’s extremely important. This is something that I realised myself as well after reading about the law itself. After some time, if you spend just enough time with a particular person, you start mirroring each other back. The good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s why I think it’s so crucial to really think hard about what type of people you want to hang out with. 

I’m not inventing something new here, nor is the Law itself. The idea that people can influence each other is as old as the world’s tale, but I think it can be beautifully explained through the Law of Mirrors. Some of the qualities that may have been inside you, start to come up full force when faced with the right person. Some of the qualities that may be completely new to you may plant a seed within your heart. So we may want to ask ourselves, is the person next to me making me go backwards or forwards?

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. 

Namaste. I am proud of you. 


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