What Are Etheric Wings & What Is Causing This Sensation (Let’s Talk Energy Wings!)

Have you ever felt like you had literal wings growing from your back body? If yes, welcome to the club, you are growing etheric wings! For months I felt puzzled and I couldn’t understand the sensations that I was feeling. I really thought that I was alone in this and that can make you feel extra confused. Or perhaps this sounds absolutely crazy to you and you now think that I have finally lost it? That may also be true lol. Whatever the case may be, if you are joining me today because you’re in the same boat or if you are here out of curiosity, you’re about to learn something magical. 

In this blog post, we are talking about etheric wings or otherwise known as energy wings. Hold on tight and keep an open mind. 

etheric wings


Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room. What are etheric a.k.a energy wings? I’m sure that many of you who have your own set of spiritual practices know that you can experience weird bodily sensations. For example, ringing in the ears, third eye chakra vibrating (as well as your other chakras), spiritual chills and much more. However, I feel like etheric or energy wings is a sensation that isn’t experienced as often. That being said, more and more people are beginning to talk about it which makes me super excited!

Etheric wings is a symbol of your connection to the Divine. It’s a physical sensation that you will feel in your back body. This might sound absolutely bizarre if you have not experienced it yourself, however this phenomenon is absolutely real. Many people will feel a slight pressure, back & shoulder pain, a buzzing sensation that can only be explained as energy moving through the body. The development of energy wings means that you are nearing a completion or have already completed an important cycle in your life. In a way, your wings symbolise spiritual ‘upleveling’ and provide power and protection to go even further. They can also indicate and symbolise your mission on this Earth. Some souls have chosen to reincarnate and spread healing in many different forms.

energy wings



I first felt my etheric wings opening up during a very deep meditation session. At that time, I just started going through Joe Dispenza’s 4-week meditation program (check out the link below) and was doing a lot of shadow work. Of course, I felt curious because the sensation was completely new to me. It basically felt as if I had two ‘extensions’ developing alongside my shoulder blades. It’s a tingling sensation that almost feels like electric shocks or numbing cream being applied in two distinct lines. As you probably can already tell, it’s very difficult to illustrate and everyone will find different ways to explain this. 


At first, I did not give it much attention because I thought that it’s something completely random. If you are familiar with meditation and tapping into your subconscious mind, you know that weird sensations come and go. However, soon after I started noticing a pattern. Every single time I sat down to meditate I could feel those two energy currents that felt like literal wings. Some days I could feel both of them equally, some days one of the currents was stronger than the other. This is when I started to question whether it’s perhaps related to something much more powerful. Whenever the sensation weakened, I almost felt sad as if something was missing. The more I concentrated on it and almost forced it, the more it weakened. The moment I would let go, the sensation would come back. After a while I noticed that I could feel my etheric wings outside of meditation. For example, whilst reading, writing, or simply enjoying myself. That’s the moment I started researching it and realised that I have etheric wings! And I’m not alone! 


Obviously, the reason for developing etheric wings is going to be different for everybody and we are going to talk about it later in this blog post. For me personally, I feel like it was a combination of many things. I was doing a lot of energy healing, I was finally dealing with my past trauma whilst going through my second spiritual awakening. So in a way, I feel like my energy wings grew and developed because of my spiritual growth and serve as a totem of Divine protection. 

wing chakra


As I already mentioned previously, there are many different reasons why you may be growing a set of energy wings. Our journeys are individual, therefore feel free to share your own experience and the reasons you believe have caused you to develop etheric wings. 

Spiritual Awakening
One of the more obvious reasons for growing energy wings is a spiritual awakening. Whether you just started going through it or have been riding this rollercoaster for a hot minute, an awakening is a powerful period in your life that can cause many unusual things.

Spiritual ‘Upleveling’
If you have completed or nearing a completion of an important cycle in your life, your etheric wings may serve as a symbol of your spiritual growth.

One of the most important functions of your etheric wings is their protective quality. They are literally an extension of your aura and have the power to guide and protect you. Perhaps you are working on releasing past trauma or are about to change your life completely, move to another country, etc. Your energy wings may come when you need protective energy most.

Symbol of Your Mission & Power
Etheric wings are also a symbol of healing powers and a higher mission on this Earth. If you are drawn to being of service, healing our planet through art or music, if you are here to raise the vibration of our planet, your wings are a symbol of that calling and power.

i feel like i have wings on my back


Apart from the sensations that we have already discussed (tingling, buzzing, numbing, and feeling energy points open up), there are some other symptoms you may experience. Some report mild shoulder pain or back pain. 

Heaviness can be felt as well. I noticed that I slouch more easily throughout the day and even during meditation and yoga, although, I am used to keeping my spine straight. I would recommend to keep practicing heart-opening asanas. Additionally, don’t forget to cleanse your etheric wings as they may weigh you down due to additional energies. Cleanse them the way you cleanse your aura. You can picture a golden or white light completely enveloping your entire being and a thick, black smoke evaporating into the air. Whatever your technique may be, use it. I have also read that flexing your wings provides cleansing as well. 

Another symptom that you may notice is vivid dreams. Remember, your wings provide you with a strong connection to the spiritual realm so you may receive active messages during your sleep. I would recommend to start a dream journal which will help you to ‘brain-dump’. 

why do i feel like i'm growing wings

Let me know if you have ever felt your etheric wings growing from your back body and what was your experience. Remember, that this sensation is absolutely real and normal. If you have no idea what it actually feels like and you haven’t grown your wings yet, be patient, everything happens in Divine timing. Energy wings or not, we are all extremely powerful beings.

Namaste. I am proud you.


    • Hey Greta 🙂 loved your post. I’ll try and make this brief; Last month, something huge happened in my life. I made a decision that was very hard for me to make, and yet was long overdue. There’s so much more to it, but in making this decision I thought I was going to be very depressed for the foreseeable future. I was most definitely NOT expecting the amount of self-love and abundance waiting for me instead. It is like I finally passed some sort of test and the universe has been rewarding me for it. I have grown more in the past month than I have in the past 5 years, and I’ve been reconnecting with my family in a huge way and i’ve been enjoying life and LIVING life and I’ve been so much happier! My creativity is through the roof. I’ve been receiving claircognizant downloads. And then about 2 weeks ago I started feeling this intense tingling sensation near my shoulder blades. I’ve been slouching a lot more lately, too. I decided to do some research and I found your blog and watched your youtube video and it all matched up! I also want to mention that I completed my Reiki Master Practitioner certification last fall, and while I don’t practice it near as much as I SHOULD, I am familiar with energy work. My Reiki teacher actually taught me in a 1-on-1 setting, and so I really adore her and I go to her with any questions I have, whether they be about Reiki or something similar. She is amazing! Anyways, when I asked her if she knew much about etheric wings she said yes and that she saw that I had a set. I asked about them and what they looked like, and she said that she was seeing black and a blue-ish green color on the tips. She also said that “they aren’t smooth feathers. Fluffy, I guess…Very kinda punk like….it’s very hard to describe.” I was just wondering what this could mean? I’m still learning to trust my intuition when it comes to this stuff, so it is always helpful for me to ask someone else’s opinion/their take on certain things. I only ask someone who is more knowledgeable in a certain area, who has also honed their “Clair-” abilities more than I have. Thank you again! 🙂

      -Brooke Lynn

      • Hi, Brooke! My response comes a bit late, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story 🌸 Seeing messages like yours always makes my day 🍀 I feel like it is difficult to tell why someone’s set of wings appear one way or another. I certainly wouldn’t call myself an expert haha!😄🤪 Pretty much just a soul searching for answers and experiencing life through my own perspective like so many of us. I tend to lean towards associating colours with our energy centers and interpreting the appearance pretty much intuitively. I can say that in my mind’s eye, my wings change colour and shape depending on what is happening within me. Based on what you wrote, “kinda punk like” would actually make a lot of sense since it feels like you recently experienced many changes. Black to me is sort of a colour of the very beginning and the very end which in essence means coming back to your roots and/or starting over/ending something. Blue is most definitely your throat chakra opening up, perhaps you have gained the courage to speak up, doesn’t have to mean verbally, but simply finding the spirit to live your own truth. Best wishes!☀️

  • Hi since like last month I feel these wings I even see them in my imagination as big pink angel wings, what does it mean?

    Love from Sweden 😇🇸🇪💜✨💫🌟

    • Hi, Sebastian! Thank you for stopping by 😇 I would say that the meaning has to be interpreted by you, so let the intuition guide you.:) Pink is usually associated with our heart chakra or more specifically, the upper heart chakra. You might want to look into that as it could mean that you are opening up this energy point within your subtle body♥️

      In my case, wings do change their colour depending on various circumstances, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing a different colour:)

  • Hi. I am 45 years old and going through a spiritual growth to resolve trauma. I decided to try Reiki today and went through a fire ritual. I was looking for blocks and to my surprise I discovered that I have the start of wings that have been trying to grow for a few years now but I was unaware of them. I felt some resistance as this is such a large transition in my life. I am happy I found your page. It really is spot on to my experience and I feel reassured I am not the only person experiencing this.

    • Hi, Alicia!

      Thank you for sharing your experience 🙏 you are definitely not alone haha! Continue doing all the amazing work and you will start connecting with your wings more and more. It is sort of an extension of your aura 🦋 It’s so curious how we become more aware of our subtle bodies once we tune in. Reiki is amazing as well! If it’s within your interest and budget, I would recommend looking for Reiki Level 1 training, so you would be able to continue the sessions at home. Keep in mind, that Reiki is available to us at all times even if a person is not attuned to it. Having Reiki Level 1 attunement simply means that Reiki is readily available to you whenever you need it and strengthens your connection with this life-force energy.⭐️

    • Thank you for your page. I too have been feeling the opening of my back after a reiki energy healing session. I stretched forward and felt like an opening, like a door opening in my back between my shoulder blades, and a slow release of wings slowly unravelling. I felt such calm and happiness. It was wonderful.
      I am thrilled to hear that I am not the only one.

  • Dear Greta!
    Thank you very much for the enlightening article. It really helped me understand why my upper back, behind my heart chakra I would say, feels so cold recently at two specific spots, even though the rest of the body is warm.

    Please note that this occurred after I dreamed of my already deceased grandfather, dying again a horrific death and was even traumatised in my dream, as I was crying and was in shock, as I had seen his ‘death’ in front of me.
    Now I believe that my etheric wings probably absorbed most of the negative energy and trauma in order to protect me, as I only woke with an uneasy feeling.

    I proceeded with shaking and unfolding my wings in order to get rid of the negative energy and it worked! I feel very little cold, almost a small discomfort you could say, whereas before I was walking around in 4 layers and a blanket!

    Thank you once again for helping me deal with my awakening symptoms and not worry that I may have caught a cold from nowhere! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Diana! I do very much believe that our wings are a symbol of Divine protection 🦋 and our intuition is our compass. If the sensations you’re experiencing feel right, then go with that feeling. Please share how your story unfolds in the future and if you experience anything unusual, this is such an exciting topic.🙏

  • Oh my goodness, i am so happy i had the courage to look up this topic its been happening for awhile now, but honestly who was i going to talk to about this. My family is part Vulcan … and here i am wondering if i was ” growing eings ??” What ???
    When you mentioned the flexing, i completely resonated with that. And as it is nothing ive experienced before…well it’s been confusing to say the least. But now a community of people experiencing this, i am not alone.
    Thank you for sharing your story
    Na maste

    • Hi, Lisa! It always makes me super happy to read comments and stories like yours because I keep being proven time and time again that this is happening to so many of us. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me and the community. Keep shining!☀️❤️

  • I’ve been having this sensation since I started questioning the religion I was born into (Christianity of course) and it had only gotten stronger as I’ve developed my own set of beliefs, in different gods, such as a deity I am trying to start out with named Cernunnos. I’ve never been able to explain it and chalked it up to something with the medical stuff I have. This explains a lot! I’ve always described it as “wings” so it’s great to see I’m not alone!

    • Hi, Alex! I think that having that curiosity and the need to explore will always bring us closer to our own truth. And that ultimately brings us closer to our purpose. As long as you feel like the sensation you’re feeling is a positive one (and of light!), I would trust my intuition if I were in your shoes. 🙏 You’re definitely not alone!

  • Hi.. Wow, a lot more articles about this on the internet now as opposed to about 2 to 2 1/2 years ago when i experienced mine. Their outer presence came over me instantaneously ( and as a result of a few month trauma i was dealing with, overwhelming). I’d been aware of my wings in my inner world, but never knew this gift was capable of coming to realization on my physical body. They truly served to protect me and Bless me and bring me relief in that struggle. The week(s) they emerged, the gift, sensation, I could also see other people’s etheric wings, very strongly the second day of my own. (yes i too had been feeling sensations on my shoulder blades, thought it was light workout and yoga related) . Now I feel them and sometimes see on others when i tune in; i can always expand them and shake them off, thus cleansing my ’emotional’ heaviness. This is my story. They, the wings in my awarenesses can be white, or graying, black, full and healthy, or more older, more sparse, or more graying. This is just my experience in seeing people’s angel wings. I can usually pretty easily tune into them. (also, i’m vegan, gf, organic food, and my sense of nutrition, herbs, detoxing, vitamins is pretty accurate). Glad to hear these stories. all Be Well

    • Oh, wow, Molly! Thank you for sharing your story. It always fascinates me how truly remarkable people in the spiritual community are.🙏 I can really relate to the trauma part because I feel like I developed my wings as a totem of protection above everything else. There are so many other meanings that they carry for me, however, I feel like simply put, they were a gift as you said. I love that you can see other people’s wings! That’s magical!🦋

  • I have this sensation often but one of my wings feels broken. Do you have insight as to why when I meditate I can feel it but why one of them feels not quite right?

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog post😇 Which wing feels not quite okay? Our right side is related to the masculine, our ability to give in a healthy way, and it’s also related to the future. So any issues around these areas may cause our right side to react (in spiritual and physical ways). Our left side is the feminine, the receiving side which is also related to the past. I would suggest starting here. If it’s your right side, perhaps you have fears around your future or have too little yang energy? Just food for thought. 🙏

  • Hi, I started feeling buds or starting of wings when I finally started searching and practicing witchcraft and meditating more. The first experience was fantastic, I feel like they are growing more and more everyday… the tingling and buzzing is increasing…it feels so good and I am soo glad I searched this up!! thank you for this amazing article!!

    • I’m glad that your curiosity won!😅 It amazes me every day how many messages I receive about this topic:) I have definitely made the right decision when I decided to speak up about something so out of ordinary👁 thank you for taking the time to leave a comment🙏

  • I just attended my first Reiki session and was told my wings puffed out when my energy in my shoulders was cleansed. She said it only happened one other time for her. I am researching further and found your article.

  • I had my wings, but now their gone or maybe I’m just numb to them , Feel Quite lost without them really. The feeling when I did have them was amazing . Flexing the wings or having a good stretch was good . This will sound weird but having the wings at the time felt normal . Come back wings . Please .

    • Hi, Amanda! Something that I mentioned in my blog post and something that I want to emphasize in your situation is to not force the feeling. We are dealing with very subtle energy here and we have to surrender to it. You haven’t lost your wings, I can promise you that. You simply have to find your own way to reconnect with them. Sit in meditation and accept that while you may not be able to feel them, you know that they’re there. Concentrate on your growth and I promise you, the moment you let go and almost forget about them, the sensations will come back stronger than ever. 😇

  • This helped me so much, I’ve been feeling these since my early teens, and they are almost constantly there. I see them as large black feathered wings, they mainly appear when I’m protecting others. But I noticed that they are still there even when I sleep.

    • Hi, Ren! That really makes sense as I truly feel like they are a symbol of protection. If your connection is strong enough, it really makes sense that they sort of “activate” when you are in a protective mode. That is really interesting, thank you for sharing! 😇

  • i got mine back lately, and for me its more as a tool to travel. i found out i can use them to protect me or others. but mostly i use them to travel, especially during dream time. i found out also for me the best to cleanse is by flexing them or water and like shaking it off. it is nice to see more ppl have those, and to find out what exactly are those. so thank you very much for this article

  • This is really interesting… Thank you for this!!!

    I don’t really do a lot regarding spiritual things (meditating, learning about chakras, reiki… it’s more my mom’s thing), although I have known that I’m psychic for a while. I went through a really tough year, and I started to feel them, but they’ve become more and more noticeable for me, and it’s been really hard feeling two extra appendages that no one else really believes.

    I don’t feel much in the way of tingling… is there other ways to tell if what you’re feeling is etheric wings?

    • Hi, Rani! Sorry for replying after a month 🙏 I would probably start noticing the patterns of when you feel your wings most. Is it when you are in the flow? Do you feel them most when something feels off? I usually get a pretty strong physical sensation when I meditate or write. The sensation also becomes more apparent whenever I have something on my mind or am trying to make a decision, so it kinda acts as a bell of confirmation or caution. Generally, I would simply trust my intuition. If it doesn’t feel other-worldly, then it probably isn’t. If it does feel like something spiritual, then it probably is. 🧡 that’s how I view it, anyways:)

  • Hi I’m 15 and recently started meditation and a few weeks in I felt something on my back so like a normal person I looked to SEE if something was on my back, but couldn’t see it so I continued my meditation session and started feeling it again so I just ignored it until three days later while with my dad I started to try and improve my echolocation “skill” and could’ve sworn I saw something it look a little like blood red and while I saw this my eyes wear closed, and I was in complete darkness. Well me being me I just thought that me being alone for to long was starting to make me go crazy. Then I started seeing “it/them” again. Then we went for a road trip, and I like the wind blowing in my face but can’t keep my eyes open for to long. So I had my eyes closed and then felt like there were wings flapping on my back FLAPPING. Okay sounds crazy so I started to search up this feeling and no results then I saw this and I really help as I understand a bit more of what is could be. So thank you lots

    • I am happy to see you have found this post, Frank! 😇 I think loads of people have found comfort (me included) in the comment section and the post itself. I constantly receive stories and messages from people who have gone through similar experiences, each of them being unique. So thank you for sharing yours because every story is extremely important. It proves that these things exist 🦋 or maybe we are just going insane collectively haha. By the way, I am fascinated to read more about echolocation now. 😁

  • Very interesting- thank you.
    I’ve also found the wings can be used like antenna to receive and transmit energy – a little like hand mudras, but with etheric wings.

  • Hello I had a set appear the other day and two more just came out from my sacral chakra is that even possible. However I know what 1st looks like but not the second set and I do not know what they can do yet. Help me

  • Hello Miss Soo it’s been about almost a year now since I’ve developed a habit of spiritual journey I’ve studied a lot on this because I have been getting a lot of celestial things without even knowing that I was I do have ringing in the left ear a lot even a heart beat sound in my right ear two years ago I didn’t even start doing this like back in 2020 now fast forward to 2021 at the start of 2022 because 2021 is a complete blank to me and I don’t even know why I remember sleeping and dreaming that I was in the spirit world and then waking up to December of 2021 into February of 2022 it was as if I was knocked out for three months that’s when I was going through the phase of that said journey I’ve been seeing the spirit coming into the physical realm and it was overwhelming for me that I couldn’t understand why I was seeing them cuz I don’t see spirits never had and after like three days of seeing them it just stopped all of a sudden I wasn’t seeing them anymore and as of today Im feeling like my wings have popped out and Im telling you that they are huge I kid you not so I’m beginning to understand what I am now thank you for making this website that I stumbled upon

  • Hello! Well I never shared this with anyone because who in their right mind would believe me. I first noticed these energetic ethereal spiritual wings while I was going for a walk on the grass by the riverfront. At first they appeared as black wings until I finally snapped them open and the blackness shook off like dust revealing these beautiful white wings. The strange thing is I’m not a religious person and didn’t believe in the ways of religion whatsoever as I denounced religion when I was 8 yrs old because I saw so much corruption, infidelity and ignorance within the religious community where I had lived, so you can imagine how messed up I was about this whole experience lol.

    Since then It would appear every now and then at various times like when I was in danger or when I was out and one with nature so to speak. I remember one day as I was walking home, a group of 6 or 7 drunken guys was walking towards me and I can clearly hear them saying let’s jump this guy and these wings popped out of me and I felt larger than life and the gang got silent looked up and walked around me almost 10 feet on either side for some strange reason and nothing happened as I was getting ready to defend myself lol.

    Then once in awhile they would randomly appear mostly when I was walking in nature or when I was feeling wonderful about my day or even when I had a lot on my mind. I just thought I had a wild imagination and wouldn’t think anything about it. During Karate class as my Sensei forced us to meditate these wingy thingys popped out of me again and a fellow student noticed them and she pulled me aside after class and shared with me what she had seen. I laughed and walked away because she freaked me out for actually seeing them and it scared me. It was bad enough that I could feel them but now people are starting to see them. I had no idea what was going on with me and just couldn’t talk to anyone about this because everyone who was close to me knew I was an atheist.

    So I started meditating and started seeing visions of things to come and heard these voices who were guiding me on some kind of spiritual quest about my awakening and I had no idea what they were talking about but they started showing me about the various Sacred Light Energies and they started me with the Violet Flame and a bunch of other stuff like Astral Projection, showing me through visions some of my past lives and so on. I went to see a psychiatrist about it and he couldn’t find anything wrong with me so I went to see priests, pastors and they tried to get me to join their churches lol and didn’t provide any plausible answers to me of what I was going through. Of course I didn’t join their churches because I stood my ground about how I felt about religion but I just couldn’t deny about what I was going through.

    Well for the last five years or so after these voices continuously nagged me about meditating with them I finally gave in and began to seriously start my so called awakening process. Oh boy what a ride that was lol. I’ve been through many initiations and discovered who I truly was and where I truly came from which I am still coming to terms with as it all seems so surreal. Everything I have learnt was from my Spiritual Guides and not off of social media. For the past three weeks I’ve been trying my best to change the energies of the Planet and I had witnessed all kinds of miraculous things starting to happen. Politicians getting exposed for their corruption, the Ukrainian war had suddenly shifted into their favor, people are offering me things no matter where I go, my neighbors who would fight every odd day suddenly stopped, and a bunch of other various World and personal events. I just thought it was all just a coincidence or something until tonight after surrounding myself then the Planet with Golden Light Energy I suddenly popped out of my body and was astral travelling towards one of my Spiritual Guides when I was guided towards this strange city/realm or something when a bunch of white light beings started surrounding me and I heard one of them say to me. You have earned your spiritual wings and we are so proud of you and they called me Earth’s Guardian. So now I am all messed up again lol. I’m not sure what they meant by Earth’s New Guardian but all I do know is that I have to continue doing what I am doing. I have seen things way beyond the 3rd dimension including Golden Light Beings from beyond the 9th dimension including spacecrafts in the 5th dimension who are observing Earth and my whole life has changed dramatically. Now I know these wings are not really real and just a metaphor or something but why would they make these wingy thingys a part of my experiences and what is my role as Earth’s New Guardian???

    I do apologize for such a long comment but this is all so much to process and I am afraid I am no longer the person who I thought I was. Like I’m still me just another version of me or should I say a better version of me. They did tell me in the beginning to forget everything I knew without losing my identity in the process. Well that wasn’t easy whatsoever lol and it was a very hard journey to endure and it still is. I lost everything in the process including my love ones and friends. The last few weeks have been anything but ordinary and when I pull back to try and process it all I am left with so many questions and besides who in their right mind would even believe me? I’m taking a chance and finally reaching out but I am afraid of being ridiculed and judged especially considering I was once an Atheist. Maybe I should have kept this all to myself but I have no-one in the physical realm to help me and I’m a poor man just barely making ends meet. I left out a whole lot of details as I tried to sum it all up and I had to sacrifice everything for this unusual Spiritual Journey and I am so alone on this Planet with nobody to share this whole journey with eventhough I have many Spiritual friends in the higher realms. I use to be so popular and had many friends but as this journey progressed their energies conflicted with mine and they all slowly disappeared from my life. The sacrifices one must make to discover the real truth or to discover one’s true identity can be so disheartening at times. I sometimes wonder if it was all worth it or not. Thanks for taking the time to read this. You can delete it if you wish. I guess I’m just venting, letting off some steam so to speak for the sakes of my sanity.

    Peace, Love n Light

    • Hi, Zantiev! Firstly, I apologize for taking so much time to reply to your message. Secondly, always feel free to write even the most bizarre things to me. I will not pretend to know precisely what you are going through but I will always try my best to listen and understand. Actually, being called the Earth’s Guardian makes a lot of sense to me and gives confirmation to one of the theories that the development of etheric wings is linked to one’s mission on Earth.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I know how lonely it can sometimes feel. I have been rediscovering all the different layers of my spirituality, and it definitely feels mystifying. I kind of feel like I/we will never fully grasp everything that I/we wish to understand in this lifetime. I also feel like perhaps I/we don’t have to fully understand it. What I want to say is don’t press the brakes on your journey just because it is not considered to be the norm in our society, and always stay true to what your heart is calling you to do.

      I hope you are doing well these days. Feel free to message me anytime even if I or our readers don’t have all the answers.:)

    • I have such compassion for those of you who are truly the first to go through this experience. Someone had to go first to help the rest of us accept and comprehend what is going on. Much Love and Light.

  • Please Iam going true this feeling write now and I don’t now what to do is like I feel the growing in my back. And every time Iam close my eyes I see colors I see like a tunnel I see a lot things I don’t understand. I like I whas growing I nother body and now the wings are the most painful .i don’t understand what’s happening.

    • Hi, Melissa 🤍 I apologize for my late reply. Please let me know how you’re doing these days. I hope that since then you were able to gain some insight and find some supportive tools. I always say, if anytime the experience becomes too unbearable or confusing, it is best to seek guidance from a professional. Someone who acknowledges the spiritual aspect of our existence and can fully support you throughout your journey.🙏

  • hi my name is Isaac. it’s literally the middle of the night where I am. I just felt the wings pop out of my shoulder blades. I just went through some mind changing things, and when I accepted them I the wings. I’ll be honest with this, when I felt them I thought that I was going crazy but as I read what you wrote about them being heavy, I noticed that as i read my shoulders were moving back and forwards as if the wings are slowly flapping. I only see my wings as white at the moment. but im looking forward to the rest of my life. I am making some changes in my life as well as dropping trauma. thank you for sharing your story. It makes sense to me now

  • Hello! My name is Rose…. I’m only 14 and haven’t really thought of any things like meditating but I’ve recently been thinking about some things I could do in life and started experiencing every single feeling you’ve described it slightly scares me tho please help me know if something’s wrong

    • Hi, Rose! Sorry for my late reply🙏 I hope you are doing well! There isn’t anything that you should fear when it comes to having etheric wings, it’s a very special experience🦋 However, if you experience fear or any other unpleasant emotions, it is always a great idea to talk to an older person that you can to trust😇

  • am 39 and come from muslim family. i know its against my belief but i felt the sensation like having wings. always having dream about flying and moving things without touching, it feel like it natural ..i cant stop thinking about it. i can feel death closing on somebody everytime they nearly come to their end…way month before..

    • Hi there! 🌸 I do not think there is anything wrong with having these sensations and experiences, and I believe that my Muslim friends would agree♥️ Just explore it, question it, and see where it takes you. Regarding the latter part of your comment, some people can sense death and I have read that our bodies start preparing for it around 6 months before. You must be really in tune with the world around you:)

  • I am getting my wings as I process severe trauma. I have been surrounded by light and feel as though I am protected and full. I know I will be okay finally. I feel that I am meant to move people on from spiritual or physical death. But I don’t know if I’m losing it or not. Also, it’s really really painful and constant in my shoulders. I know very little about this stuff.

    • Hi, Felicia! Thank you for sharing this 😇 everyone’s experience is going to be different, so I would advise to trust your intuition and let it move you in the right direction. As for the pain, stretching and massages should really help but it’s always best to consult a professional. I hope that wherever you are today, you are doing great!

  • I am so glad I found this post. I first experienced my wings as a teenager but as I turned away from my path, I could not longer feel them. I have recently began upon my spiritual journey again and during a rather large cleansing ritual of my house they literally grew from my back again. They have been with me ever since. As a teen I thought I had imagined them and I am so happy to find other similar people xx

  • Thank you for sharing your journey. I love how all the surprising things that happen to me upon research have happened to others as well. I have only been awake enough to known I was on this ascension path for about seven months now. I feel like I signed up for the fast tract. Every day is different and I just go with Devine flow. It helps so much to know others are out there having this crazy experience. Just out of curiosity how long have you felt you where awake to say? Like any grand aha moment or something like that. Everyone’s journey is so unique and I know in hindsight that I was being guided all my life. I did have a grand reveal and then all my symptoms started. Love and Light.

    • Hi, Mary Ann! Apologies for my late reply 🙏 I would say that my research and conscious involvement with the spiritual path has started around 6-7 years ago, but I feel like I was always drawn to the things that cannot be explained by the rational mind. In a way, everything unfolded in a very natural way and I still keep having my little aha moments. Although I do want to mention that I sort of “ascended” only after reaching my own rock bottom as a consequence of trauma.

  • Hi All,
    My name is Aftab Khan i am muslim from pakistan it been more than 5 years i am feeling white wings bak at my shoulders all the time even sometime i can spread them it strange feeling or kind of tingling i share this with my wife but i never get the answer ever today i feel to search this on internet that it might happens to someone else and i am totally shocked to see people already discussing this and most of the people already have same feeling please help me what to do? do anyone have any idea what to do with these wings. what are they?

    • Hi, Aftab! Apologies for my late reply 🍀 one of my best friends is from Pakistan, how cool is that! 😇 I don’t think any of us have a definite answer to what they are and we are all channeling our own experiences. What I have noticed across the board and through my own journey is that most of the time they are a symbol of protection and can guard or guide people during the awakening process. I would say that the best advise is to not overthink it and simply allow your spiritual body to do what is needs to do 🙏

  • Hi I’m ready and listening to your video. I have this feeling on my back whereby I feel there is something on my back this has started almost a year ago . in 2019 my wife told me she can see my wings sticking out but I didn’t understand and still don’t understand as there are times where you really feel this sensation on my back. and I so much want to understand sometimes I can feel the weigh on my back please help me understand. A lot has happened in my life.

    • Hi, Carlo! Apologies for my late response 🌸 It is normal for the sensation to sometimes feel stronger than usual. I do not think that it should cause any concern unless you feel pain, discomfort, or can actually feel that there is something physically wrong. As I have mentioned in my post, most of the time these wings serve as a symbol of protection during a difficult and/or powerful time. Simply allow the energy to flow where it needs to flow and your spiritual body to do what it needs to do. Don’t overthink it too much, that is what I have learned throughout this journey. 😇

  • dear greta.
    i read all the comment . all my life i felt this sensation like i have wings. but due to my religion i cannot tell anyone. sincerely i feel very different from others. am very good reading people emotions and very good hutch about things going to happen. and now these sensation is very strong even a gush of air i can feel the flow at my back. before covid start i felt something going to happen way before it started. i just wanted to know from others that has the same etheric wings….what is our purpose here?

    • Hello there! Apologies for my late response 😇 I think this is such a multi-layered question which is difficult to answer. A lot of people in the spiritual community don’t even believe that we each have a specific purpose. This is a question that you need to answer for yourself. Ultimately, we are all pieces of the same Universe expressed in many different ways. I believe that our purpose is to honour our experience and simply be true to ourselves. Perhaps people who have recognised their spiritual nature and have their energy channels slightly more open, are here to be an example to others. An example that through learning and getting to know oneself, allows other being to do the same.

  • Well…when I looked for metaphysical wings I sure didn’t expect to find this…but it’s still a small enough, and niche, group I will share. My wings are just the beginning. I’ve had what I thought were mild special abilities since I was a teen (they may have been more than I knew), but had to supress them until 2 years ago when I was awakened and ascended for the first time.

    Since then, I have awakened and ascended many more times. My energy is at a level now where, unfortunately, whenever I touch another person skin-to-skin, it feels like an electric shock. Sometimes like static, others like a genuine electrical current.
    I am very connected with Spirit, my abilities are exceptionally broad and functional in SO many ways. Healing, cleansing, protection, destruction, karma, and more. I have the capacity to delve into both the dark and light sides of things, but have never used the dark for anything but good (dark against dark, if you will).
    My wings showed up somewhere around the 3rd awakening…and came out fully between the 4th and 5th ascension. Now they are glorious shimmering steely-blue supplements to my being. They beautifully compliment my full-plate guilded white and gold metaphysical armor. They help protect me, distribute barriers and protective mists, they siphon energies as well as cleanse things I used to find challenging to cleanse on my own. They have their own optional mindset, but they have been very compliant in doing what I request in the last several months.

    Anyway, beyond that, I have used mu wings to heal, barricade, and protect, others. They initially didn’t listen and did their own thing, but now I can request them to do pretty much whatever I like, and they comply. It’s wonderful.

    The origin of a lot of my abilities are not something I can disclose, but I understand them. It’s part of why I can play both sides of the spectrum, light and dark. It is special…and I feel like I’m taking a big chance posting this here, but I’m also getting the idea that I will be alright doing so. So, here it is.

    – Tazz

    • Hi, Tazz! Thank you for sharing this with the community and apologies for such a late reply 🙏 It was fascinating to read your story. I do believe we are made of both, light and dark, and no polarity is better than the other for they cannot exist without one another. However, something that I wanted to extend as food for thought is that perhaps it is best to meet the dark with the light as ultimately, darkness is unable to expand when met with its polar opposite? ☀️

  • In 2020 I started to have mild pain or pressure at the points of each of my shoulder blades and neck pain at the same time sometimes it feels like heat and flows up towards the top of my ears turning them bright red I also started seeing glimpses of the elemental dimension when out in nature for a month or two during that time I feel i was undergoing some major spiritual downloads and I just had this idea that the pressure in my neck and back were wings developing with the spiritual downloads I was receiving. I still have the pain and pressure it almost feels like it’s stuck and just wants to burst through since that time my life has changed so much I have let go of so many people and situations in my life that were no good for me it has been 3 years since the shoulder pain started I don’t feel my etheric wings are completely developed as of yet it has been a slow process for me and I often wonder if I am doing enough to further my growth or if I am doing something wrong but I trust the process will complete itself in it’s given time just wanted to share my story too since there isn’t much info for someone to find seeking info on this topic thank you for sharing your experience with us as well ❤️

  • Hi Greta, thank you for the post on the wings. For quite some times I felt the weight but didn’t know what was happening. Can you see your winds too with your minds’s eye?

  • my wings always have felt like they were white and fluffy kind like picture just bigger dove wings but kind of like long to reach my elbows if I stretch them out and I can feel them like flapping to shake off all the negative aura and energy and what not but I also have this accompanied with instead being cat ears and a tail not wings does that mean anything? and sometimes I have both happen to me at once?

    • Hi, Xander! Apologies for my late reply 🙏 Thank you for sharing 😇 I will be honest with you, I am just as puzzled as you are, haven’t heard of a similar experience. Everyone’s experience is going to be different, though. I would keep digging and playing with my intuition. 👀

  • Thank you for sharing your story and touching on this subject for people. I first felt wing aura extentions during meditation. I had a spontaneous kundalini experience years back when I first began meditating. It changed my life. At the time, I had no clue what kundalini was but I knew it felt like tingling electric energy that subtly (or sometimes not subtle) flowed through the body and aura field. After becoming aware of that energy, I started focusing on it during meditation to help it flow easily and mainly prevent the body from tensing in response. While meditating and observing this energy flow, one day I felt it flow up from the base of the spine then spiral out at the shoulder blades. The left area of the spine, at the shoulder blade, figure eighted around to the right to make the shape of like a butterfly wing then crossed back to the spine and up. Now if they aren’t flowing freely, there’s pain at the shoulders and neck. They flow best when I’m relaxed, happy, and in flow. Another set has begun to slowly form but I’m less familiar with the new ones. The wings seem like an extention of the aura and serves to protect and uplift energies. The truer I am to myself and when I don’t resist the pulls of kundalini, the better the wings feel and its like I’m floating through life instead of walking (side note: I’ve had many lucid dreams where i fly). The left one tends to hold in tight while the right will be open. I have a fear of being “weird” and standing out that prevents me from fully embracing my truth. I assume that’s why the left holds tight. Intuition tells me the wings are part of various shapes the energy body develops. I wonder if more people are incarnating currently with these “wings” since earth is in an end cycle/ transformation period? or maybe lots of us have had them but unable to share the experience until now? Thank you for the tip on how to cleanse the wings. It’s helped tremendously!

    • Hi, Rachel! Thank you for sharing, I had shivers while reading your story 😇 I do think there are more people coming out with these experiences as we are slowly shifting densities, more and more people are recognising their spiritual and mystical side. And yes, I do believe that these experiences could potentially mean that a person is a so-called Wanderer, Lightworker, or Starseed. Such an interesting topic, isn’t it? 🤓

  • im not sure if mine is considered etheric wing. but the only clear visual i have when i try to practice energy visualization during meditation is my wings. i can extend it to any place i want. the colour is hollow white

    • Hi, Rayn! I don’t think any of us really know where the experience of etheric wings begins or ends, and how this experience may shift from person to person. If you see them clearly, if you feel them, I would say those are some real etheric wings! 😊

  • In meditation last night I had this massive ‘energy dump’ on my whole body (almost like the scene in matrix where my surroundings bowed outwards with an energy force of healing) completing with huge wings appearing and opening in a proud white massive arc around me. I was able to control the healing energy, pull it in and power it up…finally pushing it out across the earths floor like a healing wave. I feel nuts even saying this but I know what I know. I understand my job here on earth now with great clarity….I am awake, I remember! Hello my friends on earth, im here to help.

  • For several years, I’ve been experiencing heat in my back. Is that a symptom? I had a vision that I was sitting by the fire pit. When I got up, I step out of my body. I was very tall. I was silvery colored with wings & a silver sword. I asked my spirit team if I was a reincarnated angel & immediately found a white feather after asking the question.

  • Hi, I tried to die because of my then situation when I woke looking at the man in front of me I then realized I did not like him and that he was no good for me, as he was dealing with I think a dark attachment that almost reached me. After I sent him packing, I felt reborn. I think I am picking up where I left off before. I hav agreed peace and profound love within. Well just recently I had a dream ,and when I woke I had pain in between my shoulders and it felt like I was given wings. As I am writing this I can still feel themits as though they are a part of me know and I can feel them back there.

  • Thank you for this post!

    I had a sound bath today and the most amazing healing session in my meditation, long story short, because a lot happened in a short amount of time im still unpacking, i felt my body go i to a golden cocoon and i emerged with my wings! I can feel my wings! I was so excited i immediately googled and found your post and it meant the world to me!

    Thank you

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