A Deeper Meaning Of Challenges In Life & Why We Go Through Crises

Feeling like you’re constantly facing challenges? We’ve all been there. Suddenly you feel like you are no longer in control of your own life and somebody has taken the driver’s seat. Maybe you are going through a crisis and everything around you is falling out of place? I’m here to ask you..have you ever considered that during those moments everything around is actually falling into place? Perhaps there is a deeper meaning of challenges in life and why we go through crisis.

Today we explore all of the above and more.

good versus bad

First of all, we need to address the ‘good versus bad’ issue. Although many of us understand that there is much more to life than black and white, we still tend to label certain events in life as good or bad. Naturally, we put mistakes, failures, and challenges into the ‘bad’ category. But are they really? I’m here to change your perspective.

The topic of good vs. evil and light vs. darkness has been around for thousands of years. During his ‘Initiation’ series, Matías De Stefano raised a theory that our perception of these two forces is purely biological. Daytime (light) was associated with safety and nighttime was associated with danger.

What if there is no good or bad? What if there is simply balance and neutrality that is composed of positive and negative forces? Matías De Stefano explained this in a very beautiful way. One of our hands is for receiving (negative) and the other hand is for giving (positive) and there is only one place where both of these energies can finally meet. That place is your heart. Without this natural flow, the balance would not exist. 

It’s important to emphasize that the negative forces are not inherently ‘bad’. This is simply a matter of perspective. These forces are just as important and ‘good’ as the positive ones. But is there a deeper meaning of challenges in life other than striking balance?

Your purpose and mission

You can view these two forces (positive and negative) as your purpose and your mission. Your purpose is a positive force and is associated with masculine energies which are your driving force. This force is the goal getter and the action taker. Your mission on the other hand is a negative force and is associated with feminine energies. These energies are the creative energies. This is where ideas and creativity are born. 

negative forces are your push

The most simple way to view the negative forces is to imagine them as your push. You experience challenges, failures, and crises because you are so far away from yourself that you need a certain push to get back on track. Sometimes we live in an illusion of safety and stability when in fact, we are extremely far away from our purpose. This is when the Universe has to literally pick you up and place you back on your true path. Since your life is literally being reconstructed, pain and resistance occur. Your mission (negative forces) works very hard to make sure you use your full potential and live your purpose. 

So rather than viewing crisis as something bad and unwanted, see it as a helping hand. It quite literally is a helping hand. It’s not there to make you suffer, to cause you pain or to hurt you. It is there to push you towards something so much better than you could ever imagine.

You experience challenges, failures, and crises because you are so far away from yourself that you need a certain push to get back on track.


I get it. Stability feels comfortable and safe. Most of us crave it. However, is it really healthy? When we look at nature, nothing is stable. Seasons change, the trees shed their leaves only to grow new ones, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly and so on and so on.. Together with the challenges and failures comes our growth. Again, as I mentioned earlier, the negative forces are not there to hurt you. Therefore, I invite you to ask yourself again if perhaps, there is a deeper meaning of challenges in life and there is a bigger reason for having a crisis.

 Stability causes stagnation. Stagnation causes decay. Is that the type of growth we wish to have in life? If you are experiencing challenges, you are evolving on many different levels. You are being guided towards your purpose. As Matías De Stefano said, ‘crisis is good because it causes evolution’. 

I do want to take the opportunity to mention that I do not see stability as something that we should run away from. For example, a stable and nurturing relationship can facilitate growth and bring lots of joy to both people. However, even our relationships must evolve. If they evolve peacefully and without resistance, both people experience flow. If, however, the relationship does not evolve, it will be forced to.


Something that I want to mention very briefly is that going through a crisis may serve as a preparational step. We often hear that wisdom comes from experience which is very true. Usually, our biggest teachers are those who have faced more challenges in life than us. This is only logical because more often than not, we learn through our mistakes. So in essence, experiencing challenges and going through a crisis gives us perspective. Negative and positive forces create duality and without it, we wouldn’t learn.


One of the most important things we will all learn throughout this journey is to stop resisting. Going through challenges and unpleasant turbulences will only cause us more pain if we resist and say ‘NO!’. I cannot this stress enough. It is vital for us to understand that going through a crisis will eventually bring us closer to our purpose. Use the Universe as a mirror because it speaks to you in the most bizarre and amazing ways. Change your perspective and see everything change around you.

Thank you for exploring the deeper meaning of challenges in life with me. I hope you are walking away with some new and useful information!

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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