Holistic Approach To Life (8 Important Lessons)

I’m sure many of you have heard about holistic living and how much it can transform your life. Holistic lifestyle has become a popular term in today’s society and each and every one of us would have a tip or two to share. I do believe that many of us already practice things that would be considered holistic because we know what we enjoy, what gives us some extra happiness, and what helps us relax. However, I also know that there a lot of people who have no idea what a holistic approach to life means to them or how they can add to their practice. 

In this blog post we are figuring out what a holistic approach to life actually means and I’m sharing 8 important lessons that I’ve learned throughout my journey.


Generally speaking, a holistic approach to life embodies you taking care of your physical body, your mental body, and your spiritual body. Living holistically means developing a conversation with yourself and listening to your needs without neglecting other areas of your life. However, I want to invite you to think about what exactly that means to you? Does it include curling up under a blanket with your partner and watching a movie on a Sunday night? Maybe it includes a good relationship with food? Working on your fears and doubts? Perhaps it’s constantly educating yourself and learning?

We can ALL lead a holistic lifestyle. It might look a little bit different for everyone but that should be celebrated, right? I will share the 8 major lessons that basically encompass what holistic living means to me. Perhaps these lessons will inspire you to open up new areas in your life that have been neglected for a while. 


This might sound unusual coming from somebody who writes posts and makes videos on manifestation and the Law of Attraction. However, I think that something as innocent as working with your energy and redirecting it has been turned into a very toxic movement. Yes, maintaining a positive mindset and trusting in your own power is extremely important but the reality is that we all go through challenges and various issues throughout our lives. Whatever those challenges may be, they should never be ignored. It is vital for us to address our problems, work through them, find solutions and learn. Only then we can move on. I have said it before and I will say it again.. when ignored, your problems scream louder. 

By the way, having problems in your life does not mean that you have issues with your mindset. It is how we deal with them that truly shows who we are.


I believe that one of the most important aspects of holistic living is doing things with integrity and understanding your impact in every situation. Whether it would be a romantic relationship or a global problem. For example, I believe that there is no room for manipulation, ego, lying or cheating in my life. What goes around, comes around. Similarly, I try to do my best when it comes to recycling, reducing plastic, and living sustainably. I do not pay others to kill animals just so I could enjoy some Chinese chicken (that being said, your diet is your choice, just make sure you are doing your best). Basically, I acknowledge my impact and I try my very best to make a good one.


A big part of having a holistic approach to life is listening to your heart and gut. Our 6th sense is a powerhouse and it can help you in making decisions + avoiding problematic situations. If something feels off, it probably is. There are so many ways you can get in tune with your intuition and it’s important to choose one that feels right. Whether it’s meditation, journaling, or using divination decks (there are so many other ways!), anyone can do it. 


Learning to say ‘no’ is important for your own sanity and sometimes others’ as well. If you notice yourself being the ‘Yes’ man all the time just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, guess what? You are hurting your own. Set your priorities straight and understand which situations can survive without you agreeing to them. Additionally, notice if you are being manipulated into doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do. 

understand the importance of your diet

I am not here to give you professional advice on your diet, however, I still want to emphasize how important it is to have a balanced diet. Balance means different things to different people and I really believe that practicing intuitive eating is the key in a lot of situations. Establish a conversation with your eating habits and listen to your body’s needs. Notice how your digestive system reacts to different foods. Eat mindfully and slow down.

Additionally, recognise the energy and frequency your food carries. Eat nutrient-dense foods, whole foods, and organic foods (if possible). Go plant-based if your body allows you to do that. Animal products vibrate at a very low level because in most cases the animals are tortured and mistreated in many different ways. Whether that would be meat, dairy, fish or other animal products, these industries are cruel and it begs the question ‘who am I to take someone else’s life?’. At the same time, I do want to emphasize that going vegan and eating organic foods is a very big privilege. I recognize the fact that there are thousands of people who struggle to put food on their tables, let alone worry about where it came from. Additionally, there are different health conditions that are not compatible with a vegan diet. To sum up, simply do your best. And your best may look different.


I believe that one of the most important aspects of a holistic approach to life is giving and receiving. Don’t just take. Don’t just give. Find charities that you would like to support whether it would be providing financial support, donating clothes, or even your time. If you are not able to do that then look around you. Recognise the opportunities to help your family, friends, or colleagues. At the same time, do not forget about yourself. Ask for help when you need it and accept the help when it is given. Keep the circle going.


With all of this running around and trying to catch the future, learn to slow down. Find an activity and build a routine that helps you do that. Whether it would be taking a walk, cooking delicious food, painting, practicing yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, or any other other activity. Move your body and your spirit in a way that is right for you. Don’t compare yourself to others and build something that fits your lifestyle and your needs. 

Additionally, recognise the importance of reflection. Celebrate your wins and look back to see how much you have achieved, how many challenges you have smashed. Whether you choose to simply contemplate on that or write your thoughts in a journal, do it in a way that is right for you.

If you need some extra help in building new habits, I recommend reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.


Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives and I never understood those motivational speakers shouting ‘you’ll sleep when you’re dead!’. Like.. what? I cannot even function properly without some good rest, let alone do anything productive. 

If possible, I encourage you to establish a healthy sleep schedule and recognise how many hours your body needs to recover. Some people find that 7 hours of sleep is enough for them, some people need 10 hours to feel refreshed. It obviously depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead and your sleep habits may change over time. Additionally, make sure you prepare yourself and your space for some good night’s rest. Do not use electronics before bed, avoid working in your bed to signal your body that this space is for rest time ONLY. There are many other tips you can try and if you are interested in learning more, please check out my post about ‘How to Sleep Like a Baby’.

That’s it from me today, guys. These are the 8 lessons that support my holistic approach to life every day. I hope I was able to inspire you to dig deeper.

What does holistic living mean to you?

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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