How To Develop Intuitive Abilities Using Tarot And Oracle Cards

curious how you can develop intuitive abilities?

Have you ever thought about how you can develop your intuitive abilities? Just like any other skill or talent in life, intuition should be trained and nurtured. Truly, intuition is something that we are all born with. However, throughout our lives, we are invisibly trained to block it and trust our brain and logic above it all. Some of us learn to suppress it completely. For some of us that gut feeling is so strong that we cannot ignore it. Usually, such people are highly empathetic and highly sensitive, and their strong intuition is simply part of the package. Some of us choose to awaken and develop that intuition from scratch. For some of us, it comes easier, for some of us it may be extremely difficult. In any case, it’s more than possible and I would say, even needed.

But why though?

I think you will have to understand the reason behind it yourself. However, isn’t it great when you can use two opinions to make a decision? Consider your brain and your heart being those two opinions. Sometimes they want the same thing, sometimes they want two different things. We then have to choose which one we shall trust. Nevertheless, usually, when we trust to go with our gut, we open up wonderful doors to new opportunities. In this blog post, we will explore how you can develop intuitive abilities using divination cards. 

what are Oracle and Tarot decks?

One of the most wonderful ways to train and develop your intuitive abilities is using divination cards. This can seem a bit strange to somebody who has never taken any interest in them. It can not only seem a bit strange but a tad scary as well. I still meet so many people who associate divination cards (mostly, Tarot) with witchcraft. However, I can assure you that you do not have to be a witch to use them. In fact, divination cards are inherently harmless. They are basically divination tools that are used to gain clarity and help find answers to complicated questions. Therefore, it really depends on how you intend to use them.

The two most popular decks nowadays are Oracle decks and Tarot. People use them both to dig deep into their consciousness and find the answers they seek mostly by looking at the image each card presents. But what is the main difference? Well, Tarot mostly uses a traditional structure. There are 78 cards in the deck and most of the decks out there are based on the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Oracle decks, however, do not have any set structure. There can be as many cards in the deck as the author wishes. Plus the cards can be totally different compared to the other Oracle decks out there.

Both, Oracle and Tarot cards have a set meaning behind the images presented. However, they can also be interpreted in many different ways depending on the reader. That’s why it’s important to try and use those set meanings as guidance only. Your main priority should be your own intuition and listening to the messages your heart wants to deliver.

why should I use divination cards to develop my intuition?

Divination cards are an amazing tool that has helped me and other people in developing their intuitive abilities and opening up their Third Eye Chakra. The reason behind it is very simple, the images that each card presents stimulate your imagination. Different colours, symbols, emotions, or people depicted in each image can be interpreted very differently by me or you. It can depend on our past experiences, our knowledge, and our current state of mind. It can also depend on your past experiences with the cards themselves and what event you associate with each of them. Your interpretation can also depend on how well developed your intuitive abilities are up to that point.

Essentially, using divination cards allows you to build an experience WITH your intuition and trust it more as time goes on. Each time when you do a reading on yourself, you see how it turned out later and what messages you missed. This is why is such an amazing tool when it comes to developing intuitive abilities. 

You don’t have to be a professional reader and start doing readings for other people. Actually, I prefer to do the readings for myself only, because I can help myself way more this way. Additionally, reading cards for somebody else can be very draining. It requires a lot of preparation and protection because this type of practice takes up a lot of your energy. I usually feel very sleepy after doing a full-on reading for somebody else, sometimes even a bit sick. So unless you actually feel like this is your calling, I would say focus on using Tarot and Oracle decks as a self-help tool.

how to strengthen intuition
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how do you actually use divination cards?

As I already mentioned, I prefer to keep this ritual to myself only, unless a friend asks me to do a reading for them and I can feel that this is going to help them out. I would recommend starting with doing 1 card readings each morning. You can ask ”What is the most important message for me today?”. You can create your own sacred ritual, however, you can use my practice as your guide:

1. Make sure to shuffle your deck very well because you want to clear out any lingering energies from your past readings. You can also use sage or palo santo (I prefer to do that after shuffling). Sage and palo santo clear out any unnecessary vibrations and invite your Spirit Guides and the Universe to help you. Some people like to knock or tap on their deck, I like blowing on my cards imagining all the dirty energy leaving the deck as if it’s sand. While you shuffle your deck/use sage or palo santo, ask for your Spirit Guides and the Universe to assist you in clearing out the energies. Ask for their help in finding the answers you seek. Basically, speak from your heart.

2. When you are done shuffling, make sure to kindly ask for the Divine’s assistance. Ask ”What is the most important message for me today?” and continue shuffling. If one card manages to escape the deck, that is great, you have your one card to interpret. If you have a few cards that managed to escape the deck, read all of them, and try to make sense of the message between all of them. Sometimes, you are meant to get a bigger message that is not possible to deliver via 1 card. If no card escapes and you just keep on shuffling, lay them all down as a feather and choose one intuitively.

3. It’s okay to ask for a clarification card. Just shuffle the deck again.

4. Look at your cards and tap into your intuition. Spot the symbols, colours, people, animals, and their expressions depicted in the cards. How does it all make you feel? Can you tell a story? It doesn’t have to make sense at first. You may not even resonate with the pictures. However, what’s important is that you trust your gut. See if you can feel the message behind the card or the cards. 

5. After you are done, don’t forget to say thanks to the Universe.

6. Remember the message you read, but don’t cling to it. Go on and live your day.

You can also keep a diary where you write down your interpretation of the message and then write down what actually happened that day. However, I find this can sometimes be misleading especially if you are not exactly asking about that day’s events only. Sometimes the message you need to hear that day has nothing to do with the actual events on that day. For example, the cards can talk about your plans for the future (that you are thinking about lately). By tapping into your intuition you can sense whether you are on the right path or maybe you are ought to make some changes.

If you have a concrete question about your finances, love life, family, health, or anything else, then you can also use a 3 card spread. They will represent the past, present, and future. However, I do not recommend moving on to more complicated spreads before you feel comfortable doing that.

I would also recommend sticking to reading upright cards only at first, especially when it comes to Tarot. It can be very overwhelming to have 78 upright meanings and then 78 reverse meanings. Oracle decks are more simple and usually come with a booklet indicating the upright and reverse meanings which you can use as guidance.

so is it Oracle or Tarot for me?

Honestly, I love Tarot but I also use Oracle decks very often depending on which deck I am most drawn to that day. Tarot can be more complicated to read than Oracle. However, Oracle cards usually have the keyword shown on the card itself so it may take away from your imagination. Although some Tarot cards (Major Arcana) have their own dedicated titles written on them as well, I feel like they are not as straightforward. For example, The High Priestess.

I won’t be super original when I say I would recommend starting with the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I feel like I still learn so many things from this deck and about this deck each time I use it. However, I also understand that not everybody is comfortable using Tarot. Many people feel a bit intimidated by it (for different reasons). If that’s you and you are not sure if you really want to touch Tarot any time in the future, start with an Oracle deck and see how it goes. Simply make sure to choose a deck that shows images that actually SPEAK to you.

so can I buy divination cards myself?

There is a myth that scares a lot of people which basically says that you are not supposed to be buying divination cards (especially, Tarot) yourself. People think it will draw bad luck to you. That is NOT true. You are your own best friend and only you can have your best interest at heart, so don’t be afraid of that.

Additionally, avoid getting used cards. You can never be sure whose deck was it, how was it taken care of, was it ever cleansed properly, etc.

Namaste. I am proud of you. 


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