Ways Meditation Changed My Life & Improved My Health

Meditation is getting more and more popular nowadays and this, of course, sparks so many discussions about its benefits. For some people, meditation simply means 10 minutes in the day when they can be all by themselves.. guilt-free. For some people, it’s a tool to take their Law of Attraction/Vibration game to the next level. Some people use it as a tool to improve their concentration. Whatever it may mean to you or your neighbour, meditation is undeniably beneficial in more ways than we can imagine. In this blog post, I share how meditation changed my life quality for the better and I hope to inspire those who have not yet tried it or have given up on it.

I have been practising meditation for more than 4 years now. I do not consider myself a guru by any means, however, at this point, I feel like I have a good grip on it. Not to mention I have already gone through on and off phases with it. Exactly when I was having this on and off relationship with meditation, I wish somebody would have given me a similar post to read. It would have been amazing to remind myself of all the amazing benefits (some of which are not mentioned enough).

Here are all of the ways meditation changed my life and improved my health overall. 

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Meditation has helped me concentrate.

I am a person who has a very wild and wandering mind. On top of that, I tend to overthink a lot as well. Meditation has definitely helped me with concentration and I love practising it before I go to work because it sets the tone for the rest of my day. It works wonderfully if you want to calm your mind and is especially beneficial to people who tend to create a lot of stories around their thoughts, in other words, overthink. If you have a scattered mind, please do consider giving it a try because it’s the no. 1 remedy in my opinion.

Meditation helps me to kick start my day.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it helps me set the tone for the rest of my day. Right after I wake up, I do my morning affirmations, make my bed, drink some water and meditate (without going through my phone!). It is way easier to produce Alpha brain waves right after you wake up because you are most likely kind of half asleep and haven’t yet started working, learning, or overthinking, so it’s easier to influence your own mind at this point. Moreover, just like making my bed after I wake up, it gives structure to my morning and helps me stay more organized throughout the day.

Meditation has improved my sleep.

I never had any serious problems with sleeping, however, with my job (I work as a flight attendant) it can become quite tricky to juggle different time zones and sleep patterns. Additionally, I have experience with nightmare cycles as well which makes my sleep extremely disrupted and of low quality. Meditation has played a big role in helping me tackle disrupted sleep. I have heard countless stories about how meditating before sleep has helped people address insomnia as well. I rarely meditate before bed, but I can 100% feel how even a simple morning meditation helps me later in the evening.

Meditation constantly helps me find answers to difficult questions.

This is a very rewarding experience. It may not come right away, especially if you have never practised meditation, however it is totally worth the wait. I have noticed that after a few years of practice, I can now easily dive into a conversation with myself, ask my heart what decision shall I make, and get the answers. It’s a very subtle yet powerful energy that drives you into deepening your intuitive abilities. It can sometimes take multiple sessions, especially if the decision that you have to make is very difficult, however, meditation can bring you that much closer to the answer. Meditation has also lifted a lot of uncertainty that I had surrounding my decisions and it has also helped me accept the things that I CANNOT change. Trust your gut!

Meditation has gifted me with the ability to forgive.

I was never a person that would hold grudges, however, I wasn’t the first one to forgive as well. I really had a hard time accepting the fact that forgiveness doesn’t mean that whatever the person did to you or you did to yourself was not wrong. Truly, I think that there are so many people who carry the same burden throughout their lives. Negative emotions have a way of sticking around. Especially any feelings of guilt, shame, or the need to find someone to blame.

Many of us have an unconscious fear of looking like we are not strong enough and we cling to any negative feelings we have towards a person who hurt us because that’s how we know we won’t be too kind or too open or too anything with them. The truth is, forgiveness doesn’t mean that whatever happened to you is not wrong. It simply means that you are done carrying the unnecessary weight around and you are ready to move on. You are taking your life back. You are taking the control back. And believe me, the shorter your list of the people to who you have to forgive is, the lighter you feel, the quicker you forget.

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Meditation has helped me to take back control of my own thoughts.

Whether you are stuck in a negative mindset or you are an overthinker like me, meditation is a great tool to use if you wanna find your way to the control panel of your brain. Doesn’t it feel amazing when you are able to simply snap out of a bad mood or stop a thought process that you know will not bring anything remotely good into your life? I probably don’t have to remind you that we mostly attract what we are. It’s one thing to allow yourself to process any negative feelings you are experiencing and it’s another thing to let them control your entire life. You must know when to say ‘stop’ and meditation can help you do it. Be the embodiment of everything you want to encompass.

Meditation alleviates stress and anxiety.

Very simple. Very basic. If anything, meditation is largely practised by people who are prone to anxiety and stress. This is especially true for those who are highly sensitive or highly empathetic because these are the people who can easily get/feel drained. Later on, when your protection is lowered, stress and anxiety come in without even knocking. Meditation is a great tool you can use to make sure that doesn’t happen. Take time for yourself and do it without feeling guilty. Be with yourself, take care of yourself, and love yourself.

Meditation and chakra healing.

This is by far one of my favourite aspects of meditation. If you have ever read or heard about chakra healing, you will know that they often recommend meditating on a specific chakra, focusing on a specific colour, or even producing certain sounds that resonate with different chakras. Each chakra focuses on different aspects of your life; the Root, for example, is a very physical chakra. It represents our bodies and has a lot to do with material goods. It’s also the chakra you should concentrate on if you have any foot injuries, knee problems, etc. It is through chakra healing and meditation that I was able to almost completely heal my knee (from weight training back in the day). Plus I managed to heal my cycle which was all over the place from flying and moving to a different continent (Sacral chakra = reproductive organs).

Bottom line, I am a big fan of meditation if you couldn’t tell already. It is SUCH a powerful tool that you can use completely free of charge. There are countless guided meditations available on Youtube, and countless soundtracks to listen to as well. Make a decision to be kinder to yourself, I promise you won’t regret it.

I am proud of You.



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