Detox Your Life | Holistic Journey With ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ Workbook By Soulmys

Taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. Conscious living. Self-healing. And everything that these things encompass, shouldn’t be something that we come back to every single time there’s a storm. They should be your top priority every single day. When you practice prevention, you face the challenges with grace. When you live consciously, the mistakes become lessons, not failures. Sometimes, though, you need to hit the ‘refresh’ button and detox your life. 

Recently I had the pleasure of going through the ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook by Soulmys and I want to talk to you about it. Whether you are somebody who already practices mindfulness and conscious living or you are somebody who is just trying to carefully dip their toes and understand where to start, I believe we can all learn something powerful from this guide.


The ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook starts with the emphasis on preparing your outer and inner worlds for the journey to come. I do believe that it is extremely important to prep your environment and your mind as bringing peace into a dirty place doesn’t usually work. Think of it as buying an apartment that is full of dust and clutter. You wouldn’t be bringing new furniture into it before you do the clean-up, right?


If you wish to detox your life, you need to do it slowly and mindfully. Miki, the creator of Soulmys, first walks you through the tools you can use for creating an environment that will further support you in your journey. Not only does she talk about the importance of colours, lighting, and organization, she gives great prompts to help you understand which areas of your room/apartment need change. Have you ever thought of how important your bathroom is for your self-care and conscious living?

Your space is a reflection of your inner world and vice versa. I keep mentioning it because I went through it myself. The moment I started to respect my space, take care of it, keeping it organized & free of clutter, adding little pleasant details, I then noticed how much it impacted my mental and spiritual state. 

Think of it as buying an apartment that is full of dust and clutter. You wouldn’t be bringing new furniture into it before you do the clean-up, right?


Setting an intention for your journey and committing to it is something that is emphasized in the workbook as you will most probably go through some tough days. Your body will want to cling to things that feel familiar. It’s extremely important to then have a clear idea of why you are doing this and let go of all the expectations. Allow the energy to flow freely. This section gives you a list of prompts as well. Whether you choose to contemplate on those questions during meditation or grab a journal, make sure you answer them honestly. I myself will use these questions during my journaling sessions.

I specifically like this quote from the ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook: ‘The path you are wandering on is specifically designed for you so there is no room for comparison with other people’s lifestyles, achievements, or goals.’


After you have prepared yourself for the journey that is to come, the ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook introduces you to a self-paced program of modules. In general, throughout all of the modules, you are given countless opportunities to write and journal. This can be quite uncomfortable for those that have never practiced journaling or being vulnerable with themselves but all you need to remember that it’s a safe space.

| reflect and let go |

Before you can truly let go of everything that is no longer serving you and detox your life, your lifestyle, and your being as a whole, you need to reflect on what brought you here. The only thing that you need in order to go through this journey is your honesty. You absolutely need to be painfully honest with yourself but don’t forget that this workbook is self-paced. Don’t feel obligated to finish the workbook in X amount of days/weeks/months. This is your journey, you are the BOSS.

Miki, the creator of Soulmys, gives you simple exercises to ground yourself and explore your past. This is important because carrying baggage from the past may cause physical or mental disruptions and manifest in painful ways. Additionally, when your mind is interpreting your present and future based on the emotions of the past, you are giving your power away. 

Sometimes, exploring the situation from a bird’s-eye view is also extremely helpful. If any other people were involved in an event that brought pain to you, they may have operated from a completely different perspective. Some situations require us to take the seat of the observer. 

I love the fact that Miki gives different techniques and exercises that you can try for forgiving (yourself & others) and letting go.

| Prepare for success and find purpose |

As you progress through the workbook, you will soon arrive at the next destination. This is where you prime yourself for success and tap into your authenticity. When you wish to detox your life, your goal is not only to get rid of the old but to invite the new as well. Except that all of the goodies are already inside of you, you just need to uncover them.

‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook gives you a list of exercises and prompts to uncover your true self and explore your life purpose. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself who you are underneath the influence of others. 

Our behaviours and habits have been shaped by other people. When we were children we took lessons from our parents and the surrounding environment. However, you have the right and the power to create your own life and purpose. If you wish to do that and get unstuck, first you need to understand what drives you. What ignites passion in you and makes you feel alive. Additionally, understand that if you wish to produce different results, you need to change your behaviour.

I was happy to see that this workbook included teachings by Dr. Joe Dispenza as I have transformed my life completely thanks to him. Therefore, I can say from my own experience that with enough dedication, you can let go of ANYTHING that is holding you back.


Next, you will focus on actually transforming yourself and making your dreams a reality. To do that, you need to understand how to break negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs before they actually lead to a behaviour based on those beliefs and thoughts. Firstly, understanding why something happens is a big step to understanding how to approach it. If you keep manifesting events that are drowning you in low vibrational thoughts, you most probably have the beliefs engraved in your subconscious mind to match all of that. ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ teaches you how to reframe the way you view certain events and asks you to reflect on your current situation using specific prompts.

Many people don’t know this, but your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s going on externally vs internally. That means that you can literally teach your brain to live by the emotions you choose to experience. And if you focus on the emotions that bring you joy and fulfillment, you start creating rather than simply surviving.

Your focus should be placed on things that HELP you & ASSIST you in building your dream life and your dream self. And everything starts with you. Then it spreads into your external reality. Focus on the process, celebrate small successes, and build new habits that support your vision. For that, you need to bring your dedication, and the ‘Detox Your Lifestyle’ workbook will bring the system.

So there you have it. To detox your life and hit ‘refresh’, you first need to prepare your space and yourself. Then reflect on your life and let go of anything that is holding you back. Prepare for success and find your true inner purpose that brings you happiness. Transform your lifestyle and make everything you envision as your dream life, your reality.

Namaste. I am proud of you.

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